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  1. sUBERbs

    New/used cars for UBER

    Starting this thread for Chicago specific new and used car advice. Feel free to argue points, agree, disagree, etc. Used seems to be the general preference. Lower overhead, no worries about beating a car up that's already been beaten down by our infrastructure. I went for new...
  2. RightTurnClyde

    Tell me about uBer delivery, good/bad?

    Thoughts, experiences, and opinions welcomed concerning uber delivery. $3.50 Base Fare $1.20 mile No Booking Fee
  3. The-one-89

    How long do price cut last?

    this whole price cut thing, is it temp or permanent? In my location it was a 20% price cut. Uber takes 25% so that leave the driver with 55% wtf. If they do price cuts they should also do a cut on their commissions. J hope it doesn't take long to bring prices back up. Hopefully higher then what...
  4. R

    Help! What am I doing wrong??

    I need some help/advice because I'm clearly doing something wrong. Quick baseline info: I typically work 2 early morning shifts (4-11am - Mon and Fri), Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat evenings (3-11pm) and some Sunday mornings. I live in the NW suburbs (near Arl Heights) and typically head toward...