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  1. P

    California Fair Car Rental

    Hi guys. Just wanted to post my experiences with the Fair/Uber program in San Diego, CA. I've been driving my car into the ground (2015 Honda Civic) so I started looking into alternatives. The premise of this program certainly fit the bill but getting to the point I'm at now hasn't been a bed...
  2. Randomblina

    Destination Setting, Is It Worth Using?

    Does anyone here use the destination setting, and do you feel it’s worth the (sometimes) wait? I live near Mesa Gateway, so when I finish early in the morning I usually set that as my destination. It’s only worked one time, and I’m not sure if I am using it the right way. Also, is it possible...
  3. New2This

    Uber Surveys

    Why do they keep sending these to me? Frowny face. The answers never change
  4. BurgerTiime

    Montreal mayor Denis Coderre wonderfully gives his piece of mind on Uber

    "They think they own everything, sorry, not my cup of tea" #likeAboss
  5. uberebu

    Be Careful: Opinion Research: Phishing Scam?

    I believe that this email I received this evening is a Phishing scam to gain access to our driver accounts. Not sure, but not taking a chance for just $10. Hope I am wrong, but here is the info... Earn $10 in 10 minutes for your opinions on transportation. Opinion Research...
  6. Cjelsalvaje

    Advice on getting back in the game

    Ok so I was driving for Uber for about a year until I stopped because I was on that damn Uber xchange leading program and basically gave the car back. As much as I hated the fact of not getting all my money and feeling frustrated and upset I wasn't making what I could I knew from reading...
  7. Vee Renee

    Is there any way to contact customer service??

    i am having a terribly hard time trying to contact somebody thru Uber! I have been trying to get started and already have been stopped in my tracks. I uploaded my documents online and after being prompted to download the app i was told to upload them again! I only have a copy of my insurance...
  8. tdoes

    New Uber Survey I Received today

    Any of you get and fill out the new survey sent from Uber today? I did! If enough of us respond then maybe it might make a difference. At least it won't hurt! (keep hope alive :))
  9. OC Lady Uber Driver

    Uber is... listening?

    I heard on the news yesterday Uber was requiring its drivers to snap a new selfie each time they login to drive. (Related thread -->> https://uberpeople.net/threads/uber-to-require-u-s-drivers-to-verify-themselves-by-snapping-selfies-before-accepting-rides.105930/) I thought it was a bit...
  10. Mean_Judge


    I know you all gonna hate me and this topic will spark massive outrage, but i strongly believe Tip included idea or no tip needed is what made uber a winner among rideshare companies. I am not just a random guy i have driven uber since 2013. I know it from the bottom to the top. I spoke to a...
  11. AhmedTitef

    I need your opinion.

    So I got a Delivery driver Auto parts 1099 job. It pays 11$/hr and 20$ gas reimbursement a day. I'm gonna be driving an average of 150~200 miles. I use my own car of course. It is a full time job with overtime opportunity Do you think it is worth it or they are just scam and trying to save...
  12. M

    Considering driving for UBER Las Vegas

    I am a 32-year-old stay-at-home mom that has kids in school and was considering signing up to drive during the day mostly pick up and drop off's from the airport I'm hoping. I live in Henderson area and would be able to drive all over if needed. Do you think this is a good option or am I wasting...
  13. RightTurnClyde

    Opinion- Pax Seating; Women in front, Guy in back

    Just fishing for opinions on something I've always wondered about and never asked a pax directly. I drive nights, and often when I've picked up a "man & women" or even "man/women group of 4", the women will take the front seat. I've even had many times where a couple/married do this. I've often...