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  1. W


    Days or Nights better for driving in Windsor? Weekends seem very slow, during the day it's mostly workers that need a ride. They do not tip and are minimum wage workers for the most part. Looks like Minimum wage workers "employ" (Uber) drivers who are also minimum wage workers, too funny...
  2. Christopher Jones

    Ontario Accounting/Bookkeeping

    Can anybody suggest a good accountant and/or bookkeeper for Ontario (preferably GTA)?
  3. Kurt Halfyard

    The Toddler/Car Seat Issue

    There are many threads in this forum regarding the uninformed or just reckless/lazy PAX who request a ride-share and have no Car Seat or Booster Seat for their child. Many drivers indulge them, exacerbating the problem. Some drivers have a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy on this issue, which results in...
  4. Yam Digger

    Alert Ready

    My phone just responded to the province’s Alert Ready test. Anyone else? I’m using an iPhone 7 Plus
  5. monte88

    Driving in Toronto?

    Hey, I am registered driver here in Ottawa was wondering if my account would run fine in the GTA, Uber or Lyft, or is their different requirements in Toronto? I know Montreal has different requirements (I tried to go online just for the heck of it while visiting). Has anyone done this?
  6. Vision1961

    Needing approval for riders

    I have submitted and had approved all of my documents and have received my Uber stickers (as per CoL requirement) and I have started doing UberEATS deliveries. However I noticed today that the ability to accept rider requests has not been activated on my account - so I am restricted to food...
  7. Octy

    Need Help Uploading a document

    Hey so I work Uber X in Toronto and was trying to get approved in London since I go to school here. All my documents were approved and I was waiting for the license from the city of London but I just got a text today that my license was rejected. They said I was missing a Private Vehicle for...
  8. M

    Time for Annual Background Check?

    Well it looks like I've been driving uber for about a year now since it is time to redo my background check. I submitted the background report to checkr last week. Couldn't seem to go online today as my account needed attention. I emailed uber and told them how upset I was. I couldn't really...
  9. IERide

    How do you get OUT of the Ontario Airport queue?

    Dropped off at ONT this morning. I didnt want to be in the queue so once i was off the property I went offline.. Drove down to Haven and went back online and was put back into the queue so I went back offline.. Drove up to 4th, went online, and went back into the queue so i went back offline...
  10. Maven

    Drop-Off and Pick-ups Outside New York State

    Anybody get a fare with a dropoff in Pennsylvania, Ontario (Canada), or elsewhere outside of New York State? Anybody try to pick-up in any of the above locations? A return fare before you re-entered New York State would be nice. If entering or leaving Canada, what special procedures, if any...
  11. Alex-7089

    Milton, ON Based Uber Drivers - lets meet

    Hi, Fellow Uber Drivers, I am an Uber Driver based in Milton Ontario. I wanted to find out if there's interest in meeting over coffee on saturday morning to discuss ideas how we can all make a good living. The one idea which I would like to share, why not run a free workshop for anyone...
  12. M

    Largest Tip You Got?

    Picked up a passenger today, short local ride in scarborough (he just wanted to go to this specific restaurant and back home). Took him there = $8.00 Uber fare, took him back = $8.00 Uber fare, Total time with this passenger in vehicle = Roughly 40 mins (he ordered/had to wait for his food). He...
  13. UberDaddyCA

    London, On - CANADA

    Hello Fellow Uber Drivers and Uber Riders that use the service in London, Ontario and area! Just started a little thread here to get to know each other... or if we know each other... to connect more. Enjoying the service? Does it help you? What do you like about it?
  14. Daniel Uber

    What happened to uber support?

    Copied this from my blog. Weird things going on, I have tried contacting Uber a couple of times recently on the address I used to be able to get help from: uber's support email server. But now, my emails just bounce back! I get the following message: Ok. So I go to the site to try and...
  15. Alemix

    GTA Driver Count Survey- How many are we in this forum?

    Please participate in the survey by simply clicking YES if you are a driver and if you are member of the forum. Thanks
  16. UberVolt

    uberPOOL arriving to Ottawa soon

    From the grapevine, by the end of October.
  17. UberZF

    FSCO Posts Page Dedicated to RideShare

    Ridesharing and auto insurance in Ontario That's the (clickable) title of the new page posted by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario It covers the new UBER insurance It talks about Other Ridesharing platforms The fact you need to inform your Personal Insurer Lists important info for...
  18. UberVolt

    Promotions Payout: "A sign of our commitment to reliability"

    I checked my earnings for the week and Thursday 06/30 appeared to be high. Taking a closer look, it appears that Uber has added (under Other Payments) a promotional credit. Anyone else see this or know what this is for? Is it a mistake? :confused:
  19. UberxGTA

    Uber Toronto operating landscape after July 15 prediction/possibility?

    Assuming rideshare insurance similar to Alberta's is in place by July 15th: 1. Drivers with qualifying vehicles will be operational (pickup and drop) within the City of Toronto. 2. Drivers with non-qualifying vehicles (2008 and older) will still be operational (pickup and drop) outside of the...
  20. UberVolt

    Uber's future in Ottawa to be revealed in taxi report

    The city's plan to reshape taxi regulations in Ottawa to account for the emergence of app-based ride-hailing services such as Uber is expected to be unveiled Thursday, a week before councillors debate it at committee...