on demand economy

  1. Damon Pace

    On Demand Platform for Everything

    I'm building an on-demand platform, called Zipible, that allows you to create your own on-demand business for anything. I'm looking for feedback from the Uber People community, as I've been reading your comments about other on-demand companies and I've tried to solve some of those issues within...
  2. mizzrock

    I Hate This On-Demand Hell.

    Seriously, the jerk who came up with "Let's have them use their own car, pay their own expenses, all with a smile like they're earning a net profit." I can see teenagers doing this, mom and dad foot the gas bill and maintenance bill. But not a grown adult with bills and car note and other...
  3. tipster98122

    More cracks in the on-demand startup economy. IC's = devalued company??

    More cracks are showing in the on-demand startups. Nearly all of the on-demand startups, including Uber/lyft, use (and abuse) the workforce model of independent contractors often promoting the flexibility and autonomy of this arrangement as the wave of the future. A recent Business Insider...
  4. chi1cabby

    Amazon goes after Uber and a slew of other on-demand startups with its own delivery service