older cars

  1. Ishe

    How many miles does your car have on it?

    My car has over 120k miles, but I kept the car in really good shape. It's a 2010, I'm the only owner, and it's paid off. I still get compliments on it and people think it's new. Anyway, I was telling a pax how many miles I have on it, and this is the first time someone said it doesn't matter...
  2. Zardoz

    Lyft putting in ratings cap to phase out older cars??

    Hey guys ! Anyone know how many 5 -star ratings it should take to raise your score a point? For the last week , my score has been like 4.84 - good but not great ! But before the holidays , it was around 4.9 to even 5 ... so there has def been a dip !! I do know it has been slower lately after...
  3. circle1

    New Jersey Is Down to 15 Year-old cars!

    Just saw a NJ driver say Uber is allowing 2001 cars there.