old car

  1. LindyBluesDriver

    Just testing the waters

    Hi, I have a 2005 Toyota Matrix that will probably get me low ratings at first, but I need this side job with out paying too much up front. I was considering doing the weekly rental, but for that money I could get my old girl detailed and probably buy some hubcaps. :) I am hoping to work just...
  2. Watermelonman

    Interpreting an Uber email

    I got this email from Uber. Do you think it means that 1. My app will begin to not work for Burlington pickups at midnight on 12/31? 2. My app will work on the 1st but not starting the 2nd of January? 3. I will be in violation of Burlington law but Uber won't stop me and it'll just be a don't...
  3. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Does anyone else drive a Manual/Stick shift?

    I have a 2013 automatic that i was having the brake pads replaced and some filters changed. I decided to use my 2005 manual/Stick for a day.. This car was a big hit..Pax said it was cool, and i never seen a white person drive a manual etc. I decided to drive it a second day and the same...
  4. DontStopThere

    New.. Nuber? Old car though. Questions!

    Hey everyone! So, I know that I'm never making the kind of money that Uber has advertised but I'm interested in using Uber to keep me afloat while in school. Let's just say my needs are minimal at 1k/month (well, what I would need from Uber). My questions/concerns are: 1. I'm not riding around...