1. M

    Okc area

    Is anyone getting ride requests today ? I am not getting any so far. Been 3 hours and only got one . I am driving in and out of bricktown.
  2. AnonDriver

    Help with the promo calendar

    I'm a driver in OKC and when I signed up for Uber there was some mix up and I was assigned the Dallas Promotion Calendar. Uber is telling me they will need to do another background check to switch my city to Oklahoma City. Also that this will put a pause on my driving for 2 - 3 weeks. I can't...
  3. L

    Grow the Surge

    Recently I've noticed something in Downtown OKC on the weekends. Surge usually gets to around 3X-5X when the bars let out. But recently it's stayed at around 2X. Learn how to make the surge pricing go up. I flipped over to the passenger app while Downtown and saw sooooo many drivers online from...
  4. RachelD

    Weirdness this week in Uber communication

    NVM. I decided to not have this on here. It's Homecoming in Stillwater!
  5. RachelD


    So, there have been 32 earthquakes worldwide today, and 13 of them were in Oklahoma. This is madness. It's starting to seriously stress me out. Today there were 3 in a row, and I've felt dizzy/off since all that. Plus, what's happening to my house with all this stuff...
  6. Tahoexpress

    Vehicle Inspection??

    I've been driving for two weeks now and from this forum I've learned that Uber has an auto inspect policy, or at least they do in some cases/areas maybe?? Does it actually apply to all markets and I was just over looked to get me on the road to help shuttle city public transportation goers...
  7. RachelD

    Where are the OK Uber offices?

    I'm a new Uber driver in Stillwater. I got an email a few weeks ago about stopping by the offices to get my car looked at for Uber SUV or whatever other designations they have. Of COURSE I deleted the email somehow, and now I cannot figure out where the offices are. Does anybody know?
  8. RachelD

    Where is the OK Uber Office?

    Hi, I'm a rather new Uber driver in Stillwater, OK. I want to visit the OK Uber office and get my car certified/inspected/whatever you have to do for Uber SUV, etc. . . The problem is, I cannot figure out where the Uber offices are in OK. Does anybody know where they are?