1. OrlUberOffDriver

    B52 on 35

  2. OrlUberOffDriver

    MCO Rules Change

    And it is about time! I wondered why there were no cars at the Gateway Center the last couple of OIA drop offs. Maybe we will see MCO surge more often as it did yesterday.
  3. OrlUberOffDriver

    MCO Drop-Offs

    Is this real or misprint? Drop-offs at level 2
  4. Mary3200

    Mears Lawsuit - Luxury Drivers Signup NOW to protect your claim!

    1. Read the lawsuit: http://mearslitigation.com/ 2. Signup to protect your claim. 3. Read how the IRS determines IC status: http://www.lctmag.com/regulations/article/1353/independent-contractors-understanding-irs-regulations-for-chauffeurs If you are a current driver don't be alarmed. The...
  5. OrlUberOffDriver

    MCO Staging Area

    As reported on WESH Uber/Lyft staging at B52 Memorial Park. http://www.wesh.com/article/uber-lyft-share-concerns-before-beginning-operations-at-mco/10199638
  6. OrlUberOffDriver

    Sedan + Car Seat @ OIA

    Does anyone know qualifying vehicles?
  7. A

    Orlando cab questions

    I hope y'all don't mind a cabbie coming in here with some questions, but many of you seem knowledgeable in this area, and many former Ubers are now cabbies, or so I gather. First off, I lived in DeBary and commuted into Orlando for work/shopping between '92 and '02, so I have some familiarity...