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  1. Phila-mena

    Does Uber Stalk Drivers When Offline? I think Uber is Stalking Me

    True Story; I for one strongly believe that Uber and Lyft do know that you use both platforms. The GPS still tracks you when you go offline. Im sure this has happened to people but it feels like stalking; I was in center city Philadelphia and had both apps on. Lyft pinged me first. I switched...
  2. Phasmatrope

    ANYTHING good about Uber's new version?

    So I drove yesterday for the first time in about a month, and noticed that Uber had inexplicably changed their app. Like, completely. I know both it and Lyft have done upgrades before, but never this much. The interface is different, I'm not seeing ANY notice of potential bonuses for the day on...
  3. SMH Uber

    The new feature : going offline while on trip when trip completes

    So I tried it just now. And in the end Uber fails us... the F ING app still asks if you want to go offline. $#@/!^&!*&(€*×÷!!!!! What a joke.