1. Attockpak1


    So another member made a post about fatty liver and as expected everyone's thinks alcohol... well there is such a thing as non-alcohol fatty liver disease brought on by excessive central obesity... Anyway got me thinking how many of you guys and gals do your year physicals which include annual...
  2. Maven

    Excercise while Ubering

    Too much time sitting down may spell bad news for your health. http://www.safetyandhealthmagazine.com/articles/13804-sedentary-time-puts-bus-drivers-at-risk-for-health-problems-study Driving is a sedentary activity. Long term increased sedentary time may result in increased risk of obesity...
  3. living_the_dream

    Does Uber make you fat?

    I've noticed I've been gaining quite a bit of weight since becoming an Uber driver. Must be from sitting down all the time. Looking around at other Uber drivers I see a trend toward obesity the longer they've been driving. So I want to know were you fat before doing Uber?