nye surge

  1. UberEverywhere617

    Guaranteed Fares NYE issue PLEASE HELP!!

    Does anybody have screenshots from that night? I only have a few but I need more or else they won't pay me back!! I noticed on a lot of trips I didn't receive the guaranteed fares on NYE. All of the pick up locations were either downtown or Cambridge or south Boston near seaport district...
  2. Toonces-the-cat

    Victory for the big U

    Serge is lower than ever.
  3. QLDUberDriver

    Another NYE competition to consider - Council to provide FREE public transport services

    Last year they did this but its in more detail below from the article posted in the Courier Mail. I wonder what Uber's potental hourly earnings is calculated now.:confused: Public transport Brisbane New Year’s Eve: Council to provide free services EXTRA bus and ferry services will be provided...
  4. Arriel

    Uber withholding large fare from NYE (needs special approval)

    I know this is a long post but it is important to tell the whole story Just after 1:00am I had a Pax from a Fort lauderdale beach resort request a ride (7.3 Surge) for what I'm assuming was his escort. On the way there he texted me to tell me that I would be picking up Andrea I told him ok. Not...
  5. Lyft_94110

    New Year’s Eve a bust for some Uber drivers, Lyft drivers make it out OK

    SF Examiner, 1 Jan 2016 New Year’s Eve a bust for some Uber drivers, Lyft drivers make it out OK By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez on January 1, 2016 12:45 pm Another New Year’s Eve in San Francisco meant another night of rideshare “surge” pricing for partygoers. Many Uber and Lyft drivers were...
  6. No Need to Tip

    I had 80% NYE surge

    Had three 8.9x surges (all from the Strip) and my highest fare to date. Everybody do well too? I guess back to reality...next shift $1.10/mile.