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  1. Daniello

    Help me delete My uberpeople account

    Help me delete My uberpeople.net account
  2. Gulfstream Echo Niner

    Screaming bicyclist jumps on top of Uber/Lyft Vehicle

    Screaming bicyclist jumps on top of Lyft in NYC traffic, attacks driver The suspect used a bike lock to smash the windshield and rear window. Jan. 24, 2019, 10:16 AM EST By Elisha Fieldstadt New York police are searching for a bicyclist who assaulted an Uber/Lyft driver with a bike lock before...
  3. V

    Trouble light

    Guys thanks in advance, my friend was asking me other day if he really need that yellow trouble light installed in order to work for a base, he doesn't want to make a hole in his infiniti. If he has to, can he just glued/magnet a light ( does it require visual inspeection after light...
  4. h-ales

    Steet-smart paxy VS street-smart Driver

    I believe real frustration for a streetsmart person is another streetsmart. But, What about a STREETSMART POOL PAXY? yes, You’ve got it. Unless I was a nwbi, I would have waited more than two minutes.
  5. R

    NYC Moving

    Hi Guys if I want to hire a full day uber driver for my day tour (10am to 5pm) What will be the best option for me? Is it better to use app or directly deal with the driver for flat rate. I am going to spent this new year holiday in NYC. I will stay almost 5 days there. So I will need a local...
  6. MikeNY

    Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 2018

    display offers so much luminous, holiday razzle-dazzle that you may want to wear shades. Seriously, the Kings County neighborhood is home to the most over-the-top Christmas lights we’ve ever seen with more than tens of thousands of lights. As one of the most popular Brooklyn attractions, the...
  7. StreetTrooper

    Quick Question: 45+ Long Rides

    Assuming you work ~60 hours, how many 45+ Long Rides do you receive in a week on average?
  8. sooths

    Instant Pay Removed

    Hey there guys. New member here. Been driving since September 5th in NYC. College kid going to school and doing and uber and lyft. Uber decided to revoke my instant pay due to me cancelling rides. Its been over one month. One appeal denied. Second appeal according to the customer representative...
  9. X

    Hey guys

    Been a while since I posted Anyways add me to the list I trun in my plates tlc and got normal plates still will check here for sometimes. I still will keep my tlc card but not with my car anymore. So I pretty much quit
  10. Guided One

    DMV license Suspended for 60 Days

    I just went to traffic court today and found out that my DMV license will be suspended in the next 30 days for 2 months, because I got a speeding ticket 2 years ago (during my probationary period) and was just found guilty today. The judge told me that after getting my license back it will be...
  11. YouEvenLyftBruh

    Gay NYC Pax Call Police On "N-Word" Lyft Driver Who Refused To Play Music For Them

    (the headline was altered to be a more accurate representation of the story) Gay New Yorker Calls Police On "N-Word" Lyft Driver Who's "Racist Against Gay People" | Instinct http://instinctmagazine.com/post/gay-new-yorker-calls-police-n-word-lyft-driver-whos-racist-against-gay-people So...
  12. F

    Tlc application no update no help

    I’ve been calling TLC , (no response and if they do they tell me idk) I went to the office and this rude @@@@@@@ said , “there’s 12,000 applications and idk when “... anyways I submitted my application August 14,2018 .... it’s about to be a month and no approval, the only thing I got was an...
  13. Vishnu643


    Well my first accident ever in my own TLC vehicle. And I didn't even get the inspection yet. Minor rear end but they may have to replace the bumper because of a crack on the bumper. I called the cops and got myself a report. The offender admitted to the incident funny enough but he got his...
  14. UberPotomac


    https://www.salon.com/2018/08/26/meet-the-militant-taxi-drivers-union-that-just-defeated-uber-and-lyft_partner/ Look like they meet their match.
  15. L

    How to stop auto update "APP"

    I have theory of not having the driver app not auto update to the new bugged... 1. Launch Google play store. 2. Search for uber driver and go into the UNINSTALL OR OPEN Page. 3. Scroll down on that page and turn off " BETA TESTING ". Let me know if it worked...
  16. V

    Slow Uber eats today in NYC??

    Am I the only one or was it really slow today for Uber eats around queens. I was at my usual spots where I get 12 -14 trips in about 6-7 hours and today I just got 8 in about 6 hours and I’ve been turning it off and on every 45 mins since 3pm till now and no pings
  17. F

    Uber back on the offensive

    https://amp.businessinsider.com/how-uber-will-deal-with-nyc-cap-on-ride-hailing-cars-2018-8 "Uber vehicle owners who may be off the app for two or three days a week and see if they will allow new Uber drivers to use their vehicle when it is idle. This way, the company can ensure it keeps a high...
  18. uber79nyc

    JUMP for poolers? Uber bikeshare

    $2 bucks for 30 minutes electric bike and you can leave the bike wherenever, no need to seek for a dock, seems pretty good actually. Will this aliviate on pool callers?
  19. Jay_A

    Need advice on Creating LLC

    Hello Everyone, I’m currently trying to create an LLC for a private limousine service in New York City. Any advice on what is the process to getting my TLC thru my LLC ( if that’s even possible)
  20. Michael - Cleveland

    Uber and the False Hopes of the Sharing Economy NYT 9 Aug 2018

    https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/09/nyregion/uber-nyc-vote-drivers-ride-sharing.html Uber and the False Hopes of the Sharing Economy New York Times, 9 Aug 2018 By Ginia Bellafante While Uber promotes itself as a way for drivers to earn extra money to fund their dreams, in truth, most drivers in...