1. Daniello

    Is consensual physical activity legal in NYC?

    I understand that consensual sex is legal in NYC but I want to know if consensual physical fight is legal, Basically if Two adult agree to have a physical fight without putting other people life at risk. Shouldn't that be legal?
  2. Daniello

    Uber Greenlight Hub appointment?

    Do I have to make an appointment to go to Uber Greenlight hub?
  3. M

    Not receiving pings on both Uber and Lyft.

    So I have been doing great on Uber for last few months. Getting requests at the same frequency most of the drivers do. Every once and a while I’d open the Lyft app and I’d get a request almost instantaneously. Today, all of the sudden, I stopped getting requests on both apps (x, xl, black, suv)...
  4. V

    Average uber trips

    Can u please share ur average uber trips excluding pool and suv. Please I m literally getting average trip of 8 dollar since last August.
  5. Daniello

    Lycamobile phone plan

    I have 4 options to choose from below, Is 1 GB good enough for a part time Uber Driver? $5 - 500 MB National Data $10 - 1 GB National Data $19 - 1 GB National Data plus unlimited talk and text $23 - 2 GB National Data plus unlimited talk and text
  6. Daniello

    Driving License is useless in NYC but Uber changed that

    Is having Driving License in NYC really worth it when You can easily travel around subway very cheaply without having to worry about parking headache, insurance, traffic?
  7. M

    Is it possible to work with multiple bases?

    I want to work with more than one base but the problem is that I’ve heard that companies often require you to transfer your car’s base to theirs. Is there any way to go around this requirement? I work in NYC. 1550341022
  8. Daniello

    time to become a millionare in 6 months

    open all the apps (Uber, Lyft, Via) and stay as far away from ping zone then make killer money with guaranteed minimum wage from all these app companies. Just netflix and chill in Your car
  9. Daniello

    Minimum Requirement in NYC

    Hi, I am 24 Years old and I got My driving License 6 months ago, Since then I have been driving all over the NYC almost everyday. Gained lot of experience all five Borough, I have a clean driving record and no criminal background. But My question is what are the minimum driver requirement...
  10. V

    NJ ticket

    Can you guys help on this please. I have been trying to find a way to plea not guilty on a ticket from nj since yesterday but i can't find anyway. I called the clerk but they didn't picked it call. Is there anyway to plea not guilty through online or sending it somewhere. In ticket it helps you...
  11. V

    Need help!

    I have read and previously have had answered few questions about penalties of getting tickets in new Jersey. However today i was the "victim" i have got a ticket for improper passing. Although i did it new york style went up into exit ramp and singled waited someone to giveway and someone did...
  12. E

    Kalanick quietly buying NYC parking garages ++

    City Storage Systems, the new real estate venture headed by former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, has been quietly scooping up properties throughout New York City.
  13. E

    Kalanick Quietly buying NYC Parking Garages

    City Storage Systems, the new real estate venture headed by former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, has been quietly scooping up properties throughout New York City...
  14. V

    Uber nav issues

    Has anyone of you having this issue, whenever you are picking up a rider or dropping them off uber nav is telling you, u should driver closer to the location even though u r at the very location and picked a rider? Timer won't go off even at the at pickup location ever so won't get any waiting...
  15. E


    The city intends to use all this data to learn more about what’s happening on the streets, and to plan. It will ponder how to beat traffic and improve road safety. It will monitor the number of wheelchair-accessible vehicles picking up passengers. And it will work to enforce its new minimum...
  16. A

    Need Advice (Serious)

    Hey guys, so i have always been lurking this website for sometime now and always appreciated when members gave good advice to others. My father who was employed by a company in Mahwah, NJ was recently let go a couple weeks ago. Since then it has been hard to find a new employer to work for...
  17. Daniello

    Help me delete My uberpeople account

    Help me delete My account
  18. Gulfstream Echo Niner

    Screaming bicyclist jumps on top of Uber/Lyft Vehicle

    Screaming bicyclist jumps on top of Lyft in NYC traffic, attacks driver The suspect used a bike lock to smash the windshield and rear window. Jan. 24, 2019, 10:16 AM EST By Elisha Fieldstadt New York police are searching for a bicyclist who assaulted an Uber/Lyft driver with a bike lock before...
  19. V

    Trouble light

    Guys thanks in advance, my friend was asking me other day if he really need that yellow trouble light installed in order to work for a base, he doesn't want to make a hole in his infiniti. If he has to, can he just glued/magnet a light ( does it require visual inspeection after light...
  20. h-ales

    Steet-smart paxy VS street-smart Driver

    I believe real frustration for a streetsmart person is another streetsmart. But, What about a STREETSMART POOL PAXY? yes, You’ve got it. Unless I was a nwbi, I would have waited more than two minutes.