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nyc queens

  1. L

    How much can I make driving in NYC

    How much can I make in NYC driving for uber i know I will have to rent a car spoke to a few friends of mines they said they can get me a c300 Avalon or a highlander for about 380-477 a week so I would like to know if I was to work m-f maybe even the weekends how much can I take home after a 8 or...
  2. Joe Capola

    Uber NJ to Follow Uber NYC ON STRIKE "Sign UP HERE" NOW!

    Lets get something going here. This is a perfect opportunity. Right Here - Right Now! Let form a group right here. Who wants to stand with NYC and protest at the Hoboken office and turn off our NJ apps at the same time when NYC does? Lets support our brothers and sisters and make a...