nyc insurance

  1. V

    Hit and run case

    So my friend involved in a hit and run at cell phone lot. Gave police all the information we had with picture and a video which contained culprit's license plate number and he's fleeing the sence. After 2 months of waiting got the police report but what we got in that police report is nothing...
  2. tommay911

    NEW DRIVER- I have NY plates/ins - want to drive in NJ

    Hi all- I signed up with Uber and I'm all set to go. I live in NY (have Geico) but don't want to go thru the TLC/Commercial license process so I want to drive in NJ. Do I need to contact my insurance company that I'm driving Uber in NJ? I heard stories where insurance companies dropped clients...
  3. baconlawlz

    Insurance. Seriously.

    Ok, so NYC commercial insurance info specifically for rideshares is dry AF. Anyone willing to message me or post which company they use? I've located a few traditional companies as well as brokers that do commercial but would like an understanding of the process beforehand. Yes, I'm new. Yes I...