1. E

    Lyft Not Sustainable for Drivers

    After finishing my initial bonus program I published this article on the Lyft experience. In the blog posting I discuss my experiences and opinions of the economics, expenses, alternative income, ecology, psychology and other aspects of the ride-sharing business model. Hope this helps anyone...
  2. Allegro Acura

    Google's Self-Driving Car Project Is Losing Out to Rivals

    Google’s project started in 2009, long before carmakers and most other companies seriously considered the technology. But when Singapore unveiled the first autonomous taxi service in August, Google wasn’t involved. Instead, a small startup called nuTonomy provided the technology. Uber...
  3. renyeo

    Autonomous cars, self-driving taxis & flying ... Automotive supplier Delphi plans to run a Singaporean trial fleet of six self-driving private-hire vehicles on the road in 2017 and the test will last through 2020.