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  1. S

    Was Lyft down for anyone else today?

    I tried to go online around 6-7pm today and when I would hit the online slider it would just show the progress circle, then launch the Lyft dashboard in a browser window. I was able to go into destination mode but never got a ping so I probably wasn't actually online. Now at 11pm it seems to be...
  2. T

    Why are my Lyft earning not showing up?

    So it all started yesterday I had a trip that was 130 miles long in a prime time. Did the trip and after i was done it didn't show a total all it had on the screen was the rating for the passenger. Until now it still says $0 in progress and every trip I did after that is coming up in my earnings...
  3. D

    Hmmmm...Looks like the app is messed up

    Hey, guys. Does anybody else have the same issue? I've made about 10 trips today and still cannot see any trip history, earnings, etc... It says me they are having problem to reach the Uber server. Thanks for your help.
  4. L

    App Issues!

    Trying to open app, and getting 'Unfortunately, Uber Driver has stopped' every single time. Is this happening to anyone else?? How can I fix it??
  5. T

    Instant pay not working!!

    is anyone else's instant pay not working? It says pending on the uber website and gobank hasn't recieved it. I literally do this almost every day and it goes through instantly. Today I worked from 7am until right now because I needed the extra money. And of course it's not working :( anyone else?
  6. RupertDB

    Rubbish Uber cannot read my 2 cards both of which work

    Just tried to use Uber for the first time. The system refuses to acknowledge by MasterCard. It's working just fine. Very poor show for Uber. Probably will not use Uber again.