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not showing

  1. Muziklyfe3

    Can you all see the ride type during a ping? X or pool?

    I updated my app last night. Today I go out to drive and all my pings aren't showing if its an "X" ride or a "pool" ride. It's just blank where it usually shows the ride type. Is this happening to anyone else or is it just me?? I turned the app off because this is bs if they are starting to not...
  2. ChrisRap

    I've noticed 2 5 star ratings never showed up...

    Hey, So I'm a friendly guy, and I think I'm pretty good at this uber thing. I went out again last night in my area, and I currently am sitting at a 4.7 with 15 5-star trips out of 20. (25 percent of people rated me less than 5 stars, even though they never said anything...?) I'm now giving...
  3. John Petrone

    Trips not showing

    My trips are not showing in earnings or under trip history since 9:30 pm in Austin, TX