north jersey

  1. S

    Hudson County is a waste of time

    Basically I came off a shift Making. I've been driving for 8 months and have a lot of insight to offer but just realized I've been a major dolt. I live in Montclair. I've spent most of my time in the surrounding areas which of course leads to Hudson County... Am I wasting my time in Greater...
  2. JPell

    Shore Rates Someone explain the logic to Uber/Lyft

    If the majority of the people who come down the shore from the west and north are happy to pay shore rates to get back home, and if the smart/profitable drivers west of the parkway find plenty of passengers who will pay basically 2x surge+ to get where they are going, why not a flat rate? It...
  3. gmc

    Guarantee lol all bull

    I tried it last Monday and Tuesday am guarantee $25 hour lol
  4. JerseyBoy911

    Respect Yourself, Your Car and Your Time

    Guys, I know this maybe should be in the tips section but everyone here in NJ should be advertising tips with these prices!
  5. JerseyBoy911

    My Uber Rides as a Rider

    Decided to get the pulse of Uber drivers outside of this forum and facebook pages and to promote the protest... So i took my own money and did my daily day but with Ubers, Gym, Mall, supermarket etc Here is what I've come up with after 6 rides (In a couple of days): UBER DRIVERS ARE CLUELESS...
  6. JerseyBoy911

    Speaking with Drivers Since Recent Rate Cuts

    So I have been doing my leg work and I have to say its very disheartening to hear these guys talk. Lot of drivers I spoke to are just, well stuck.... They have made the their FT gig. They haven't been seeing any return from their resume being out there and have decided that in the interim...
  7. TatiCsoul

    Ewr queen V.....come back!

    V come back....we fam...regardless
  8. JerseyBoy911

    Lyft NYE Guarantee in NJ

    So anyone get this? Are you going to do it? Or do you think you'll make more in those hours in the right spots??
  9. JerseyBoy911

    Jersey City and Uber Well is seems the Mayor of JC is a possible candidate for Governor (no big surprise there if you keep track of ur Jersey politics) He seems to not want to take sides. On one side he could anger...
  10. JerseyBoy911

    It's time....

    It's time to organize. It's been shown it can be done. We can start it. If they did it, so can we! I'm looking into tax codes now. It can be just NJ Drivers...
  11. JerseyBoy911

    Let's Help Make Sure This Guy Keeps his Job!

    I'm seriously inspired now. I want to fight! Once this bill goes to the NJ Senate then the Governor this man might lose his job plus all the other regulations that they will impose later down the line...
  12. JerseyBoy911

    EWR Lots...

    ...are Patrolled by PAPD
  13. JerseyBoy911

    It Just Got Real....

    Hey all, I really enjoy reading all the posts. Lots of good info by what's seems like good people. I want to extend the more time.. to join the chat I posted in the other thread. We are finally going to meet, a group of us,...this is where it gets real and I'm not talking about...
  14. JerseyBoy911

    Keep in Touch!

    I made a GroupMe chat. You don't need to download the app although it makes it ten time easier to use if you do download it. We can now touch in real time while we're out Ubering. Spead the word. Let's get this to be a regular thing! Now if there is something going down, we can know...
  15. JerseyBoy911

    Newb question: Yellow and Orange areas

    So why is it that these areas all night go Yellow and orange but never surge...all night...
  16. A

    Does anyone know how much the median uberBLACK/uberSUV driver makes in NJ (New Jersey)

    If anyone knows any UberBlack or UberSUV drivers in NJ, would you happen to know how much they're grossing or netting? I'm looking to finance a vehicle that covers all four platforms of Uber (UberX, UberXL, UberBlack and UberSUV). My brother owns a Limo License that I would be operating under...
  17. gmc

    Highest fare/trip you ever had with uberx/XL/sub/black

    This will be for all of us uber/lyft drivers here in the jersey area to post their highest fare they ever had How much $ When From/to Surge or not Wheater condition if you remember No names needed just to help each other out to push some more and try to get that really long fare at the highest...