north carolina

  1. BurgerTiime

    Lyft passenger records driver clocked going over 120 mph while dodging a trooper The Dodge Charger SRT sped past a Highway Patrol trooper in Union County but the trooper didn’t catch up with the Lyft driver. The passenger took video of the hair-raising...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Nice background check Uber! ‘Cops surround driver’

    Video: RALEIGH, N.C. - An Uber ride left a Raleigh woman in fear after things took a terrifying turn. Just minutes into the ride, police swarmed the car and arrested her driver...
  3. VBChic

    How Far Away Can You Pick Up?

    I'm registered as Virginia Beach, but I travel a lot for my real job. I've been able to drive in DC, and further west in Maryland. I originally agreed to something about driving in North Carolina... but I'll be in Raleigh/ Asheville through November, and I wondered if anyone had driven in those...
  4. Uber Cruiser

    Greetings from North-central North Carolina!

    Evening, Y'all. Just stopping in to say, "Hello!". Hello! I started driving for Uber about three-weeks ago. So far, so fun. :: shrugs :: Still working out some issues that I see with my vehicle; but, I'm also considering trading up to something that will let me take more than just UberX...
  5. Joey Bagofdonuts

    Question: Clemmons NC area

    We are moving to Clemmons in a few months - anybody know if UBER or LYFT are busy in the area (say 20 minutes either direction) ? Gotta get out of California, paying 3.75 for gas and getting 80 cents a mile is bad enough, but it's not the reason we are moving - we are just sick of the...
  6. Nkole Chileshe

    I'm a Charlotte, NC Uber driver. Can I do pickups and dropoffs in Raleigh-Durham, NC?

    What do I have to do to drive in Raleigh-Durham, NC? I am an existing Charlotte, NC uber driver. I hope to do so for at least a month.
  7. KVan

    NC Uber Drivers lawsuit, update

    There are currently 14 plaintiffs officially opted in to class action here in NC. signup link: article: case...
  8. KVan

    NC Class Action Uber Drivers

    There are currently 14 Plaintiffs officially signed up. for info on signing up: case info: article...
  9. KVan

    NC driver Class Action sign up

    If Drivers in NC want to join current driver plaintiffs in existing NC class action suit contact Brittany Weiner 646 380 9555
  10. KVan

    NC Uber Driver Class Action sign up

    If Drivers in NC want to join current driver plaintiffs in existing NC class action suit contact Brittany Weiner 646 380 9555
  11. Jamie Coalsten

    important - NORTH CAROLINA ridesharing-INSURANCE story.

    Hi everyone, name is Jamie. I am new to this site and relatively new to North Carolina. I love the interaction. Wanted to share quick story, I just moved to North Carolina a few months ago from Pennsylvania. I have been doing rideshare just over a year. In PA there are many many options for...
  12. agtg

    40% of my fares last night were either lowered or deleted.

    Uber is such a corrupt, lawless company and they love to wink and nod at the corrupt ridership they've heaped up unto themselves. Not all riders are sleazy, but a large percentage are. These people have been given free reign to lie and manipulate their way out of legitimate fares because the...
  13. Onthelake56

    LakeNorman NC

    Trying to create forum for Lake Norman area. Any Charlotte users on here from area around Lake Norman NC? Areas of Denver, Mooresville, Davidson, Cornelious, Huntersville
  14. Lilly84

    New driver in GSO with questions... please help?

    Ok, I literally just signed up to do this, today. But before I take my 1st rider, I need to clarify a few things. Any advice would be great! 1. Insurance: When does the Uber insurance start covering me and does it cover all 3 phases of the ride (in NC)? When I call my insurance company, what the...
  15. chi1cabby

    Uber hails passage of ride-sharing regulation bill in North Carolina SB 541 Text