1. U


    Hi guys, Uber Noob here. Unfortunately I will not be able to renew my TLC insurance on the designated deadline. Will the rest of my documents (such as license plate, every document relevant to Uber) be cancelled, causing me to re-request/refill it? Or do you guys think I could upload/submit the...
  2. T

    Full coverage, liability??

    im getting my car plates and wanted to know if I HAVE to get full coverage at first because of finiancing or can I get liability and switch it after?
  3. Cyberherbalist

    Noob Uber Driver Seeks General Advice

    Greetings! I just got all signed up nice and tight, but have yet to actually sign on to the driver app and start "driving". I'm in Olympia, Washington. I have no idea how many Uber drivers are working the streets here -- there's at least one other, since another Olympia guy was getting his...
  4. wprosser2008

    Probably a stupid noobie question

    How do I tell what platform I'm on and how do I change it? I drive an 03 Honda Pilot SUV so I assume I'm on both X and XL at least.
  5. AVLien

    Questions from a n00b...

    I have a few questions. I am not in a huge metropolitan area first of all, so ATL & L.A. drivers, please understand that your opinions may not apply the same way others' would. Not discounting your experience, just itso practical application to my situation. Question 1: Distance vs. Quantity...
  6. kitty123

    Orlando Profit Maximizing Strategy Guide

    This is a tentative guide, I am a noob. Please help other noobs and add your own tips! If you disagree with anything here please comment to help stop the spread of misinformation. I will be updating this thread as new information comes along Greetings, I'm a new ride sharing driver and have...
  7. D

    Noob Renting a Car from UCar Sydney Question

    I wanted to try Uber but I don't have a late model car. On the Uber Marketplace[/URL] for Sydney there is a listing for UCar. Which strangely seems to have the same name as an Uber alternative in China. They seem to differ from the others on the Marketplace website because you don't require...
  8. DanoMite

    I'm new to uber/lyft and have several questions

    Hello community! I am current college major student living in Seattle trying to do part time for rent payment. I drive Black/Black 2011 Acura MDX (Seats total of 7 including myself) and I have several questions to ask... 1. If I want to do Uber XL and Uber Select, do I still need commercial...
  9. jtuberaz

    Hello, [Uber] World!

    Hey everyone! New driver here. I am about half way through my first week, started this past Friday, as an Uber driver. Hope to make great friends and find valuable information with the hopes to increase weekly earnings!
  10. Tenzo

    Don't drive without all your documents!

    I got picked up by uber today and the police on bikes swung by. The guy had no dress, no medallion, no inspection. He was about to get a $1,500 ticket. So even if there is a surge, dont go out without your documentation. More and more cities are having stings to catch drivers. And for gawds...
  11. Tenzo

    A n00bs guide to making $18/hr

    I don't know if $18/hr is good or not. But I've been able to increase my hourly rate by picking advice from a few threads. Here are a few tips I've picked up. UPDATE 3/15/16 I'm making $25 - $28 an hour and my rating is 4.97 1. Get the right setup. 1) Phone (duh) 2) Phone mount on top of...
  12. Ceelos

    Is this normal

    Hi, Just started doing uber part time. I made 109 yesterday in 5 hours i did get a couple of surges. This morning on my way to work i got another surge and made 19.50 for a 15 minute drive to the airport it as a 2.0x surge. I just want to know if this is normal for part time uber drivers or was...
  13. CRacer15

    just starting out

    Hi there! I'm just starting out and have combed over the previous threads and stickys (I promise!), I wanted to make sure I was doing the process correctly: -I've applied for my business lisc., just need to print it off now, right? -As far as the Uber inspection at the Hundayi dealership, I just...