1. dprince

    NolaUberman: Collective driver strike for increased fare percent wages

    Wanting to get co-ordinated with as many drivers as possible. Let us hit UBER/LYFT where it hurts in an attempt to increase driver shares of fares. Currently I am seeing that both UBER/LYFT takes 50-60 percent of all passenger payments. Looking to get a collective call to "TURN OFF UBER" on a...
  2. L

    Does any one get Quests here?

    My mom does uber in Chicago and she told me about Quests. They involve a ride and acceptance rate goal but I've never seen them on my promotion page.
  3. TigerUber

    Guaranteed Hourly rates in NOLA

    I wanted to know how anyone driving for lyft felt about the "opt in" program for hourly guarantees they are doing currently ($25-$30/hour). I've been doing it this week and believe that it will be more profitable than not opting in, but am not certain because I don't believe they let you use...
  4. Darchelle T

    Petition for Tips

    Across the country partner/drivers for uber are starting petitions to get uber to allow Pax to leave tips. At the very least add the option into the app. Many Pax are under the impression that the tip is included in their fare. Please sign the petition below to change that...