no surge

  1. PioneerXi

    On Fire

    ...and the best I could nab was $2.50.
  2. DoYouEvenLyft?

    Result of no more primetime/surge.

    Hello all. This looks like the result of the Personal Power Zones coming here in Pittsburgh. Since the beginning of April, I've noticed the airport ques getting longer and longer. No one wants to drive in the city anymore because there isn't any primetime/surging. I usually make about $1600...
  3. N

    Uber App Surge Cleveland

    Noticed changes this past week. It is 7am on Monday morning and I have been watching the app for a couple hours. No surges. So let me get this straight. First, federal workers who took up Uber driving during the shutdown are now going back to work taking them off the streets during the day...
  4. NashHye

    Lyft Getting Rid Of Prime Time?

    My cousin (signed up in Chicago market but works in Milwaukee) just got an email from Lyft stating that there is a "better way to earn". Instead of prime time will get a guaranteed amount. Seems to be the same thing Uber was testing in Charlotte. This is absolutely ridiculous. Have a look for...
  5. U


    It hasn't surged there in about 2 weeks. But there's surge around the airport and even in the Potomac! I think Uber decided to stop surging the airport once they started that construction project. It makes no sense. Construction doesn't create surge- demand does. They are operating under the...
  6. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Are you doing uber to just get out of the house? If you do the math your not making money!

    I was wondering if you people are doing Uber to just get out of the house because you are bored, or you like driving for no reason. There is no more surge, ants are every where, and gas prices keep going up..gas will probably be $3.00 by march. If you do the math you are are breaking even, in...
  7. A

    2 weeks with no surge in Houston?

    I am reaching out to my fellow drivers out there to find out where the surge has gone in Houston. It can't be just too many drivers on the road. What is going on? I don't even see surge during 2 am pick ups. Has Lyft taken away business from Uber?
  8. Beerzler

    Several requests from 2x-3x surge area, but no surge pricing?

    Downtown was a giant, deep red blob late this afternoon. Received several requests from within, but none had a surge multiplier. Passed on so many that I kept getting logged off. How is this possible?
  9. fork2323

    so No Surge all morning in LA? whats up?!

    I saw no surge all morning in main Los Angeles area. None! Not anywhere.. but Tons of ants everywhere.. did people get a different Bonus that was much higher than me? Cant figure it out. Did you guys see the same thing today? Did uber turn Surge off as tipping was coming? CHeckout my screen...
  10. AVLien

    What Surge? Where?!?!?!

    This has been happening all night: Surge indicator pops up. I glance at the map......don't see anything. I pinch, I zoom, I swipe.....nothing. The surge indicator glares back at me, taunting me mercilessly.... I have seen surges on the map that will become suddenly invisible at certain...
  11. DeplorableDonald

    Pool pings not showing surge/boost?

    A few times today I was in a boost or surge zone when I would get a Pool ping. That's not new; welcome to Uber. However what was interesting was that there was no Boost or Surge showing. I was in Boost/Surge zones so I know there should've been something there. As soon as I let them expire I got...
  12. N

    New company idea looking for suggestions

    I think we should start a new company. I'm tired of Uber and lyft stealing money from us from bad calculations and when we work so hard we get so little and it's not right that they take the money from the passengers also especially with all the surge prices it's confusing for people. -We...
  13. SlaveWager

    NO SURGE? 3 Conventions, Worst traffic ever & NO SURGE ?!

    The Sands Expo was the worst I'd ever seen it, busier than I can remember and I pick up there at 5:30pm with 4 pax to the Palms - total trip time from ping 57 minutes! Payout = $7.50 !!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Not even a 1.2x surge all day anywhere on the strip? Traffic so snarled I'm...
  14. Arriel

    Ummm...where's the morning rush surge?!?!?

    So for the 2 weeks there have rarely been any surges! Wtf is going on! I'm making no money... I do this full time and now I won't be able to pay my bills this month!
  15. J

    iOS App issues - no surge heat indicator.

    The iOS update on last Saturday had a glitch which does not show the heat wave for surge. I am still facing issues and unable to see that info on my app. Is anyone else too facing this issue???
  16. Kawiz03

    Decent Daily Pay

    Who out there is making a decent amount of money per day without boost? When I say decent I mean over 100-200 in a single day. How many hours are you putting in and whats the secret lol P.s. dont be cynical
  17. Drivingthecattlehome

    WTF and No surge?

    St Albans. Where is surg?...haha
  18. MaxJoy

    Quiet (or Dead) Thursday Night?

    Is Thursday night usually this quiet (Or Dead)?? I actually haven't driven much on Thursday nights but there is no surge and boost is only at 1.1-1.2. Just sitting at Starbucks minding my own business while the car is being charged and wanting to drive.. but it's simply discouraging.
  19. UberMeansSuper

    Broke hiatus for 3 days – not worth it

    Hadn't logged into the app since mid-February or so. Deleted the pax and partner apps, unsubscribed from the Travis text alerts and the emails, etc. Visited San Antonio over the weekend and used Uber to get around (yes, I tipped). Got back home and decided, "eh. Let's see if I can get my 4.79 up...
  20. Newwber

    Has anybody here....... seen my old friend SURGE??

    Since the introduction of the honeycomb heat maps in Raleigh a few weeks ago..... Surge.... aka Surgey, Sergio etc..... has all but disappeared! The Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area surely can't be the only ones feeling this...... Any other cities/towns/states experiencing NO SURGE lately??