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no shows

  1. Halfmybrain

    I'll think twice before cussing out no-shows

    I will try not to assume that every no-show is just an ignorant passenger, even though it may be the case 98% of the time. I sat outside a reported pickup house nearly 4 minutes. Finally a couple arrived, commenced to apologize for the entire duration of the ride. But it was NOT their issue...
  2. Halfmybrain

    THIS counts against drivers?

    From Uber's Priority Support Team (reply to a related topic): "Please note that when you have to cancel after waiting for a rider for more than 2 minutes, or you are unable to locate or contact a rider, these cancellations still impact your cancellation rate."
  3. Certain Judgment

    Lyft Not Paying for No Shows Anymore

    Their wait timer counts down to zero, I press the call button which allows the no-show option to appear. I immediately hang up before they pick up and press the no show button. The ride is cancelled, but now I'm not getting any no show cancellation fee of $5 anymore. What gives? Used to work...
  4. nam10291

    Passenger no shows

    I understand cancelling a request after 5 minutes goes against your cancellation rate percentage. But should it really? I waited today for 6 minutes for a guy and he never showed up. I cancelled the ride request under passenger no show. If Uber is telling us we can cancel after 5 minutes, why...
  5. Lyft_94110

    Giving rides to no-show passengers

    Before I start, I'll admit that this all could have been prevented if only I'd done one thing. Since I didn't do that one thing, I'll take the blame. I got a Lyft Line fare at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. It's a crowded area and there are several places where passengers might get picked...