1. Halfmybrain

    My "no-show" driver

    I hailed an Uber X Monday morning. Thinking as a driver, I found an empty/legal pullover spot at a Franklin St address, just north of Washington St. Text from Me: I'm on Franklin by the series of purple awnings (for Cosi Restaurant) [pauses in between texts] White RAV 4 Driver: I have...
  2. HotUberMess

    “You gotta settle this with Lyft”

    I arrive at pickup location, wait a few minutes. It’s a Lyft rider so I try to call to see when they’re thinking of coming out of the hotel to meet me. No answer. That and five minutes will get me $5 so, I wait. I get a call from the rider, and he says: “I’m halfway to Universal now, why...
  3. HotUberMess

    The poop sweats vs the no-show fee

    Setting: $400 per night hotel. I’m under the porte cochere, but so are a dozen other drivers and cabs. I call rider to tell her I’m in front and she promises she’s only 45 seconds away. The timer says 4:30 left to count down. A couple of minutes later, she’s still not there and I’m feeling...
  4. HiDuuken

    Never Doing a Lyft Scheduled pickup again!

    I get to the spot across the street from the pickup 15 mins early. I'm online for the top of the hour and... Nothing. I ignored another pickup just to ensure I honored the commitment I already made.
  5. HiDuuken

    Here's a funny situation you've probably experienced...

    You accept the ping. You get to the pickup location. Pax is notified that you're there. Timer is going. Timer is getting low so you call/text to confirm pickup. Pax doesn't respond and you cancel no-show cause the wait timer has expired. And now the dummy wants to call you to find out what...
  6. T

    Uberpool No-Show Fee

    For Uberx if I select cancel for a no-show rider after 5 mins I get $5 gross. How long do I have to wait for Uberpool? Uber says to wait 2 mins and then feel free to cancel. Will I get the cancelation fee? Thanks
  7. SgtMurphy

    How to prove 5 minute wait time to UberSheisters

    I've had a whole lot of no-show fees which aren't going through. I wait for more than five minutes, timed out by stopwatch. I then have to take time out of a busy night to email back and forth with uber CSR's. They will literally lie about my arrival time, and then half the time after I email...