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no show

  1. Zdriver19

    Lyft cancellations

    Is there a way to specify reason for canceled trip other than "no show"? I had a woman who tried to get two young children into my car. I cancelled after timer run out. There was no option for "no child car seat". Just like there is no option for "unaccompanied minor".
  2. TdotUber

    Ubers cancelation rules, if any?

    Just wondering how many legit cancelation with a no show is too many? In a 4 hour period this morning I had 5 cancelation all with a no show. Got paid cancelation fee for all of them accordingly... I made a habit to send support a generic message right after such situations, just in case a rider...
  3. A

    Was it the Real James Harden???

    Got a request to pick up James Harden. Got there waited the 5 minutes and cancelled on him....guess we’ll never know ig was the real him.
  4. IERide

    Don’t accept a ride after canceling for no-show

    A few times I’ve had a no-show, only to have them request another ride a few minutes later.. Today I learned the hard way that accepting their 2nd ride is a bad idea. Went to pick up a pax in a small private condo type place. Waited 5 minutes, 2 seconds - nobody around anywhere so I slowly...
  5. Certain Judgment

    Lyft Not Paying for No Shows Anymore

    Their wait timer counts down to zero, I press the call button which allows the no-show option to appear. I immediately hang up before they pick up and press the no show button. The ride is cancelled, but now I'm not getting any no show cancellation fee of $5 anymore. What gives? Used to work...
  6. Yam Digger

    Uber tells pax we’ll wait for them

    Pax have been getting an email from Uber saying; Running late? No sweat Delays happen, and when you’re running late, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your driver will be at the curb for at least 5 minutes. The first 2 minutes your driver waits are free of charge. After that, a small...
  7. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Why did uber change the no shows we have to wait up to 1 hour now?

    The time starts at 62.50 and just keep counting down.. How is this going to work for no shows?
  8. AVLien

    I was criticized for my "professionalism".?

    I wear a nice shirt & tie. I play Beethoven. I open doors for pax. My car is spotless. It would be very nice if we could know who criticized us & why. Just knowing my "professionalism could have been better" doesn't tell me anything. My professionalism is on point. Could this have been from a...
  9. NoStopping

    Uber refused cancellation fee

    Pax didnt show up for 5 mins. I checked the waybill for the time and waited for 5 mins + a few seconds before cancelling. Uber says it doesn't qualify for a no show fee because the computer didn't automatically issue it.
  10. Maven

    When destination is "United States"

    What do you do when this comes up? More often, I see the city name without a street address or a street name without a number. My first reaction is do not accept. The PAX must be an idiot who cannot figure out how to use the App. However, if it is nearby or slow then I might accept. Usually, I...
  11. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Why do we the driver get a cancellation on our record for no shows?

    We didnt cancel the ride, the pax was a no show/
  12. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Check this New Pax scam for no show rides.

    This happen twice today. The pax puts in the address on the next street. When you get there after 2 minutes or so they call and tell you to go around the corner to the other street.. Once you move from the first location you can no longer get a no show ride. then they call and say they will be...
  13. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Did you get this email from Uber on NO SHOWS?

    When you wait long enough and your rider doesn't show up, you should be paid for that time. That's how it usually works, anyway. But for the past month, a system issue has been impacting those no-show payouts. We fixed the issue and added $8.00 to your earnings based on 2 of your trips that...
  14. player81

    29 minute stalemate

    I called an Uber from an area with no boost or surge and I guess the driver accepted in order to game a quick cancellation fee. He drove just close enough to set off the "your driver has arrived" notification but then turned and drove away. He then went from less than a minute away to 9 minutes...
  15. SMH Uber

    Does no show cancelations affect guarantee?

    I'm curious I had 2 no show cancellations on uber x, to the same address, but different people. I am wondering if this is a part of sabotage on uber's part as I accepted every ride during the late night guarantee period.
  16. Dback2004

    Never under estimate the profitability of drunken idiots!

    So I'm out driving this evening, coming back into town from a drop off in the middle of nowhere and thinking about calling it quits and going home. It's surging at 1.5 so that means no rides for a while as surge fares are rare here, everyone waits until they end. Sure enough the surge ends and I...
  17. M

    passengers arriving late

    In Miami, is it true that passengers now have to show up two minutes after you arrive or you can cancel the ride as a "no show" and get paid for it?
  18. Libertyfare

    Ghosting Question?

    I had heard about ghosting and never expected it to happen to me. Well, it happened today. I waited at the pickup location for a total of 10 minuets. I sent a text after the 1st minuet to verify I was at the correct address. Nothing no reply another couple of minuets and I call, no one...