no pings

  1. Mista T

    Guess I've been throttled by Lyft

    Got home about an hour ago. Forgot to turn off Lyft. Had my phone with me for the past hour. Just now realized it was still on. Not a single ping during that time. Not ONE. SINGLE. PING from Lyft for over an hour.
  2. N

    Please help me with the locations in Scarborough to Uber from 7-11pm.

    Hi All, I am a new uber driver and finding it difficult to find busy places to do uber. I start near Scarborough town center. Please advise on where I can go to earn more between 7-11pm. and tell me the best time during wekeends to do uber. Its a new car so hoping i don't get people who would...
  3. M

    Not receiving pings on both Uber and Lyft.

    So I have been doing great on Uber for last few months. Getting requests at the same frequency most of the drivers do. Every once and a while I’d open the Lyft app and I’d get a request almost instantaneously. Today, all of the sudden, I stopped getting requests on both apps (x, xl, black, suv)...
  4. New2This

    Preemptive 'So Slow/Wednesday Is a Bust' Thread

    Wednesday is the Bush funeral. It's a federal holiday. Banks, post office and the federal government are closed. I'm rooster-blocking leosc and his "so slow/no pings/it's a bust" 8:27 A.M. post. Traffic will be a clusterfornicate in town too.
  5. GruveRecords

    Was fun while it lasted, but

    This hustle is officially done in South Florida. Way too many drivers and no more snowbirds. Worst weekend I've ever had..It's been 20-30 minutes between pings and I've done more McDonald's orders than I want to admit. Today: 5 hours = $38 Yesterday: 7 hours = $80 - If it weren't for a...
  6. warrior lady

    The suck has arrived

    Here’s to the start of : It’s Slow, It’s Dead, It’s a Bust. I got us started.. You’re welcome.
  7. F

    Guess no one needs a ride today....

    Been online for 2 hours. Gross pay of $7.04.
  8. Manis707

    Uber is shady!!! Watch for yourself!!!

    Check out the YouTube clip on the link below; the video says it all. Before posting the video on link below I literally had a client request me prior numerous times by putting the rider request pin point right on top of my car and with no other uber cars nearby lbut yet I don't get the ping...
  9. AVLien

    No surges for days. Am I missing something?

    I have not seen a single surge on my map for days. A few weeks ago I could almost set my watch by them. (I was on vacation for a week & change, so not online.) It's quite strange. Also (probably unrelated) I haven't been seeing bonuses or hourly guarantees for even a few weeks before I was out...
  10. Slat90

    Is it me or it's dead today?

    I got both uber and lyft on its rush hours and nothing! s going on?
  11. Uberboyz

    Driving in the morning sux

    Damn that was my first morning I went to drive within last two months. It was 6:20AM when I moved out towards manhattan/williamsburg on Belt -» I278. The traffic is so terrifying i spent one hour getting to battery/BrBridge fork from sheepshead bay. Of course i was online, and of couse there was...
  12. Douglas

    Issue, not receiving pings! Help please

    We all know Uber Support stinks! So I turn to you all to see if I missed a standard trouble shooting here. I cannot get a ping...tried on the passenger app and goes to another drivers 10/15 minutes away, so it's not like the other driver was right there. This has happened to me in the past...
  13. SMH Uber

    Promotions Scam: Setting me up to Fail.

    I had a 55 for $105. It was hard to get pings in the busiest of areas. I sat in river north on top of ppl waiting for rides to see other Uber's with cars like mine (so it had to be uberX ) getting the pings. It happened all week, especially today (3 times - twice in the burbs) when I had to...
  14. Uber_duber

    I'm wasting my time. Who wants to grab a beer?

  15. Uber_duber

    No pings in over an hour and a half.

    Is it really slow out here today or am I getting the shaft?
  16. Kawiz03

    U Street Network Issues

    Maybe its Sprint maybe its Uber but is anyone else having "Network Issues" on U street weekend nights?
  17. uber$$

    Los Angeles and Hollywood Area on June 23 --NO Pings?

    I picked up a rider around John Wayne airport and brought them to Los Angeles yesterday (6/23). Once I dropped that person off (it was around 5pm)...I got ZERO pings for the next two hours regardless where I drove to (all over Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and then the long drive back to the OC)...
  18. M

    12 hours online and zero pings

    I didn't drive for two weeks after a pax threw up in my car. Now that I'm trying to drive again, I'm not getting any pings at all. I had some issues with the puke payment. They tried to give me only $20. After several emails explaining that I can not vacuum puke out of my carpet and from under...
  19. Kawiz03

    Lyft Demand is low!

    I give equal treatment to the apps but I haven't had a lyft ride in two weeks and I always get the "bad signal move to another area" text from them. Is Lyft on its last beats or something?
  20. Martin Stevens

    Saturday $0, Sunday $0

    I contacted Uber Support to complain that Saturday & Sunday NO requests whatsoever. Saturday, I started later in the day, like 3PM and by 7PM I was so disgusted and exhausted driving around looking for action, I couldn't even continue. Sunday, I didn't leave the house. I turned the app on and...