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  1. New2This

    Anyone not get their Direct Deposit this week?

    We had a number of people in my area (including yours truly) that didn't get a Direct Deposit this week. As much shit as I talk about Uber, and as pitiful as some payouts are, I could always count on the pitiful payments being in my checking account Wednesday morning. I assume Rohit hit the...
  2. M

    Uber Cash Payments

    I have lately been getting issues with cash trips especially young children making accounts and choosing cash payment trips. They seem to use the uber app using promo code but when the fare is more than the promo code they have no money or not enough to cover the costs. I had two young guys...
  3. P

    New Rules For East Asian Pax

    It looks like I'm a WeChat victim. Gave a ride to an Asian fellow and when I look at the trip history, the pay amount is blank. New rules for East-Asians. When they enter my car, I'm going to ask them to show me their user app. Unless they can show me the user app with it showing me as the...