no pay

  1. CahalM

    Anyone else working for FREE tonight???

    I'm kind of pissed right now. All five of my trips show as PENDING as of right now even though my first trip was completed at 4:41 PM; that was four hours ago. I'm sorry but I needed some of that money for a little thing called GAS. I called support and apparently it's a "know issue" but...
  2. Psycho Driver

    Uber taking care of their drivers. - NOT!

    I am set to a Destination Drive, I get a ping, I drive to the pick up area. I wait 4 mins, pax finally comes out, and gets in the car. I start the fare. He says, oh he needs to change the destination, it is now going the wrong way of my Destination Drive, I said I can't do that, you wanted to go...
  3. Jay's Babygirl

    Pay, What Pay?

    I've been working for Uber since the last week of February, and with the exception of two weeks, I have made a penny every week. Why you ask? Because Xchange Leasing takes their money right off the top, and with the way the app has been ghosting, and dropping, I'm not making anything! I can't...
  4. Uguy22

    Trip cancelled with the rider in my car

    Any one had this happened? I picked up a rider at the Drake Hotel. 5 mn in the trip I received the message that it has been canceled and received right away another bing to pick up another rider in the opposite direction. I asked the rider if he had canceled he said no, so I politely asked him...
  5. mehh

    Uber didn't pay me a $112 ride!

    Okay so Wednesday I drove from Long Beach to Burbank Airport. It was a POOL ride but no additional pick ups. We made a few stops she needed to go to before heading up. Long story short I get to Burbank 2hrs later I finish ride and rate the passenger and it's calculating the cost. when I got home...
  6. once111

    Anyone else notice we are not getting paid this week?

    Maybe I am just missing something, but it looks like I won't get paid this week, even though Goober owes me over $400. Looking at the partner portal, I have a statement for week ending Dec 14th. The next statement is labeled December 28th, which does reflect all the driving I did Dec 14th-...
  7. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    I just started lyft and did 3 rides.

    The problem is when i got home and went to the dashboard they have no trips for me. I checked on my phone also.. Can anyone help with this?