no pax

  1. IanK

    Dying out here

    So I've been online tonight since 5pm and have had exactly one (1) ride. An otherwise busy Friday night here in Downtown Rochester, NY What's really aggravating me is looking at the rider app. There's between 7-10 other Uber's out and I can watch them drive past me in the app and I can SEE...
  2. Libertyfare

    Did anyone catch the 3.4 surge in Raleigh Thur 2:20am?

    I was out and about not a single ping and the surge lasted a fairly long time. I must have been in the wrong part of Raleigh or it was a fake surge. So I was wondering if anyone snagged that one last night. It definitely wasn't due to any increase from the down town / Glenwood South Areas.