no money

  1. MHR

    Literally No One is Profiting

    Literally no one is profiting off of third-party delivery apps So by now you’ve most likely heard that delivery apps like Grubhub, Door Dash, and Uber Eats are potentially harmful to restaurants, as evidenced by some of the most exciting dystopian developments in the food world. These delivery...
  2. Nina2

    This Uber driver made $600 a week before the coronavirus outbreak — now he makes $0 Earlier this month, as talk of a new virus outbreak in the U.S. revved up, Robert Richwine, an Uber driver in Columbus, Ohio, devised a game plan to try to stay on the road. After dropping off...
  3. Fabrice Janson

    UBER Vs X rideshare networks

    It’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet nowadays, with the litany of rideshare options available. I understand that a lot of drivers are signed up to 2 or 3 rideshare providers. But logistically speaking, the drivers of ola and taxify and the like should realise that they are not only...
  4. Pax Collector

    Yeah, I think I'll go home lol

  5. Zdriver19

    Pathetic Earnings

    Been driving since 6 am. Filled up my tank for $38.59, drove a 109 miles so far, grossed $28.39 in total earnings. Uber is a losing proposition.
  6. Tin

    is Uber going down? or its my bad day???

    on Thursday i worked almost 8 hrs got 8 rides and $46 fair total ? and i was in San Francisco ??? plus 2hrs back and ford from san jose. its so nice to have a new car for Uber but im going bank rup very soon . Thank you Uber
  7. Christopher Brozek

    Why are we making such little money still!

    I have had a change of opinion and have been working my ass off and actually get to see better $$$$$ results
  8. SafeT

    Maximum driver saturation is here

    Is you drive in any populated area you are no doubt seeing an Uber on every corner by now. Multiplying every week. Even in residential. Scroll around the rider app and it is like that across the entire state. I am now waying possibly selling my Uber car, since it is my second car. I'm finding...
  9. Noteasytobme

    No money to be made on Wednesdays

    So is it just me, or does anyone else not make any money on Wednesdays. For almost 2 months now, I LOSE money every Wednesday. Makes no sense. Do ppl just not need rides? Been online 5 hours now, 2 rides, made a whopping $17...wasted $20 on gas. Wtf?!? Does anyone else barely get requests on...