no $5 free ride compensation

  1. Fireguy50

    Uber auto-cancel after 5 minutes?`

    Anyone else notice if Uber is auto canceling requests after 5 minutes? Giving you the no show fee, and pushing the next ride? I was running a 2.5-4.5X surge most of Saturday night. I had a request outside TacoHell and was getting close to doing my final text before leaving, when the app started...
  2. R

    New Customer Incentive --Not Paid

    Uber states that each time our driver code is used by a new customer for a free ride, we would be compensated $5. They encourage us to buy cards and hand them out. Theoretically it is "win,win,win" since the new customer gets a free ride, the driver gets $5 since he promoted Uber and Uber...