no 2nd pax

  1. A

    Kinda Sorta semi-accidentally accepted a pool ride

    Picked up a smelly 4.6 Poo pax (it was a little slow). Guy got in with the most obnoxious body odor ever. It smelled like butt breath, grated garlic baked mashed onion, and mildew. Had to roll the windows down on that one. 2 angry pool pax that were added to the route didn’t get picked up...
  2. tdsu

    San Francisco Saturday Night!!

    It is with a heavy heart that I leave my comfortable home and hit the streets of San Francisco to ferry around a bunch of drunks. In just a few minutes, I will answer the same questions that I've answered 100x before, I will tell the same stories that I've told countless other times, I will...
  3. Phasmatrope

    Lyft Line question/abuse: are we paid for waiting??

    So I accepted a late night, prime-time Ping this evening that I didn't know at the time was a Lyft Line (otherwise, I might not have accepted it frankly, since I could've held out for better paying direct Lyfts). When I arrived, I didn't see the pax. As I usually do in such cases, I tried...