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nj uber

  1. NewDriver247


    Hello, I am new Uber driver and I am completely perplexed. I talked to the uber support about what the minimum necessary insurance is for a Uber black Driver in NJ. They replied the requirements were Limousine insurance with at least $1.5MM in coverage, with the driver's name on the insurance...
  2. Bestuberdriver

    Uber BLACK?

    guys iam currently working as a driver for a limo company before this i was a regular uber driver making an avarage of 30hr with uber. Iam tired of wasting my time and i got bills to pay. How do i BECOME uber BLACK? these are the uber requirements !!! Vehicle requirements Model Year: 2010...
  3. Xris Xros

    Ticketed at Newark Airport

    So I never go to the newark airport for pickups because I was afraid I might get a ticket. But that all changes few weeks ago when I started getting email from Uber about a deal struck with the city of newark. Anyways I got a ticket for (operating limo without proper registration) yesterday at...
  4. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Do you agree that Uber resists driver fingerprinting in New Jersey, says it will hurt recruiting

    Uber resists driver fingerprinting in New Jersey, says it will hurt recruiting. what are your thoughts?
  5. TatiCsoul

    Ewr queen V.....come back!

    V come back....we fam...regardless