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nj shore

  1. D

    DWI stop Belmar/Neptune tonight

    Anyone know where tonight's DWI stop in Neptune/Belmar is? They didn't announce what street it would be on.
  2. R

    Summons for no TLC license

    Be aware...Manasquan, NJ police officers are issuing summons to Uber drivers for not having a TLC license. Got pulled over last night for failure to signal turn and officer said I was lucky he didn't issue me another summons for not having TLC. Said he issued 3 that night to other Uber drivers...
  3. B

    Lyft pings

    Anybody ever get a lyft ping 5 minutes away most of mine are over 30 minutes
  4. mitchnj1

    Why is NJ Shore rate double?

    I'm curious why NJ Shore rate is double everywhere else? I dropped off a passenger at the shore so decided to try and get a fare. But so many other drivers around so I took off.