1. L

    Staying home on Halloween

    I was driving last year and fell for the whole: it’s a high earning night bull. I got stuck in WeHo and made a whopping 15 bucks. Uber didn’t update their mapping with street closures and that got me in trouble. I’m staying home and good luck to the greedy.
  2. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Yorkdale Mall nightmare on a Saturday

    Hello Community, has anyone experienced the ZOO of having to drop off a passenger at Yorkdale Mall on a Saturday? It was about the worst congestion that I have ever seen. I would say its very close or may possibly exceed in term of delays experienced driving in downtown Toronto in rush hour. I...
  3. El Cemento

    Walking away from Lyft Nightmare Application Process

    I will toss the sour grapes. And end my quest to work with Lyft. What a hassle. Definitely looking forward to some drive time with Uber after all this...
  4. BurgerTiime

    Two women to sue Uber over nightmare rides
  5. K

    Nightmare pax - drinks a coors light in my car

    Hey guys. Somewhat new driver here with 5 weeks under my belt. Most nights have been good so far, but, I've definitely had my fair share of nightmare passengers already. We'll start with this guy... I get a request from Dylan. I proceed to the very well to do neighborhood Dylan requested his...