1. ecarpio

    Hydroplaning Is real!

    Tonight I saw at least 7 accidents. Most of them on I-95 near PHL. Be safe out there. Fact: hydroplaning can occur when driving at 35 MPH or faster.
  2. Clarity

    Late Night Heroes | Night Drivers

    Who else prefers to drive at night? What are your reasons? Pros: 1. Less cars on the road, so it's less overwhelming. 2. If I happen to get a destination to any of the 5 boroughs of NY, I'd much rather drive there at night. NY traffic is more tolerable at night for me. Less pedestrians too. 3...
  3. Kitsune57

    How much do you average on weekend nights?

    I'm just curious, because I'm a broke college student and want to start doing uber on weekend nights and trying to figure out how much I can make.
  4. OUTLAW13

    Uber Beacon

    I am looking for an UBER Beacon if anyone is willing to part with it either donate or sell it. I drive all night and it would make it alot easier for me. Willing to trade for it. Let me know what u are looking for. Thank U in advance.
  5. nick caronn

    I drove around Atlanta with my GoPro last night, enjoy.

    Just one night of action, people would be mind blown at what we see in any given regular week! :D:D:D:po_O
  6. Bad Breath

    Who’d ya reckon

    Who’d ya reckon is the most confrontational ID, or the biggest agitator? And no I’m not making a picklist cos that guarantees the thread gets closed even sooner. And I’m not even naming my pick (yet) - but what do the regulars reckon?
  7. Handbanana

    Making runs to airport

    Are there any particular areas that have a lot of pax going to Sea-Tac? Ideally late at night or very early morning hours. I find longer driving distances more desirable.
  8. RedoBeach

    Totally Random, & not Uber, but Just Want Funny Comments

    Did any of you happen to see this recent picture of Pan, Saturn's moon? It looks like someone deflated it! O
  9. MaxJoy

    Quiet (or Dead) Thursday Night?

    Is Thursday night usually this quiet (Or Dead)?? I actually haven't driven much on Thursday nights but there is no surge and boost is only at 1.1-1.2. Just sitting at Starbucks minding my own business while the car is being charged and wanting to drive.. but it's simply discouraging.
  10. Fireguy50

    Red LED Tactical Dome Lights for better night vision (video)

    Front Map Lights have been converted to Ford Police Interceptor Tactical RED LED's, which is the best color light for retaining your night vision ability at 600nm wavelength. The regular 3000K LED dome lights are about 500nm, which are bad for night vision. BLUE 400nm wavelength is the worst and...
  11. U

    To be your night relief for people staying central

    Any uber drivers staying in central area - potong pasir, kallang , bendeemer, balestier, Whampoa, race course, little India, jalan besar, towner , st george, boon keng area. I want to relief your vehicle/ rented vehicle at night . Timing to be negotiate. I am already a relief driver but main...
  12. C

    New driving in Indy.

    so I normally drive in the Lafayette/west Lafayette area, but have been wondering about comming to Indy. I don't really know the town away from the circle, but as long as riders put in a destination I don't think it would be bad. What I was wondering is if anyone from Indy thinks it would be...
  13. F

    Well, after 3 months I got deactivated

    Not because of my ratings or my acceptance rate......or cancel rate...... or expired documents.....but because Im 20 years old.....even though I have 3 years of driving experience with the regular license.(not the learner's) All my rates were in good shape and I've been working as UberXL in...