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  1. Mark Johnson

    Hit and Run Driver Crashes into Uber Car -- Three Women Killed

    http://www.cbs58.com/story/33454202/three-women-killed-after-hit-and-run-crash-in-downtown-milwaukee UPDATE: Monday, October 23, 2016 --- 5:28 p.m. Police told CBS 58 Sunday that they had a good idea who they were looking for. A day later, the 23-year-old suspect turned himself in, but police...
  2. NJ ABDA

    Taking Out an Ad in the Ledger

    Folks, Been a long, dead summer for most, we know and the recent price cut by Lyft has not made it any better. Uber has been good as far as volume goes but how's your rating? Has it taken a hit? How many people have disrespected you or your vehicle this summer? Did Uber help besides throwing...
  3. H

    Uber Drivers are Ratchet LMBO

    Dang! This Uber driver was not satisfied with a $40 tip and the cost of a ride. He wanted more. He was going to kill a man for a bigger tip. I'm out here working for the lulz but apparently this mess is way more serious for some people. The whole reinactment deserves an Academy award. Meanwhile...
  4. JaxBeachDriver

    We're back up over a $5 min fare!

    The bad news is uber is the only one benefiting from the rise in rates. $5.05 - $2.05 safe rider fee (directly to Uber) - 20% = $2.60. On a minimum fare ride: $2.45 goes to uber, $2.60 to the driver. Hey, remember in January when they slashed rates? They called it the "winter warm up" but...