newport beach

  1. tesuber96

    New Driver - Orange County hotspots? Anaheim?

    Hello, early this morning was my first Uber trip. Picked up three passengers; all were cool and understand people as I was flustered with using the Uber app on my android phone I just got. I go to Mt SAC college during the day in Walnut and live in Orange. So I commute along the 57 North...
  2. F

    settle a stupid argument: transit time for Anaheim->Newport Beach for the light parade

    Real simple question, drivers. Need to get from anaheim to the Newport Beach boat light farkle parade, on the final night, arriving 15 minutes before it begins (6:15). How long should we plan for the drive. Thanks, from a driver in another city. EDIT: asking because traffic is insane then
  3. Kimmy

    Huntington Beach

    How are your rides? Clean, busy; what times do you find are the busiest?