1. Jack Malarkey

    Beginners advice

    Here's a great place to go for beginners and the more experienced alike:❤️beginners-advice❤️.149152/. And here's some helpful information specifically relevant to Canberra:⭐️-canberra-newbie-guide⭐️.150101/. And Australia...
  2. Malaru

    Pulling the stickers off 2,000 trips later.

    (Part 1 of 2) My time as a 'full time Uber driver' is coming to an end soon as I start a new job on Tuesday; but I wanted to expand on having done this Uber driving thing. A smart, successful man once said “If you want a real education, finish a four-year degree then go drive a taxi for six...
  3. Uber Doobie

    Lifestyle / flexibility - the $$$ that end up in your bank account

    I don't want to pay any more than I need to for anything . . . . . . . however I want claim the max I can as a Tax deduction . . . . . . . I presume you guys pay Tax. There are a lot of Drivers who really look at Uber from the wrong perspective & base their achievements on how much they...
  4. Charlie Schwartz

    Newbies! Did anyone succeed in getting the $1500?

    I mean under the current terms. 65 rides, including 25 of them during peak hours below 110th street in Manhattan.
  5. Charlie Schwartz

    Uber new drivers incentives - need help

    How many hours is 65 trips? (not sure if it counts pool as two) Assume a semi-normal schedule, that is: working the same hours every day, 5 days a week (for my purposes, Sunday can be one of those days), and a break of no more than one hour in the middle of the day, but the hours can be in the...
  6. E

    Pros & Cons of driving Uber (Part time or Full time)

    hello brothers & sister, I think is time for us to list down all the advantages and disasvantages of driving Uber Pros 1. Flexible working hours 2. Own time own target 3. Free car to use (if rented) 4. Opportunity to meet different kinds of people (good for doing other sales related) 5...
  7. UberxGTA

    The 3 Biggest factors that will determine your income for newbies. Sage advice.

    1. When: Time of day/week. Be aware, observe and follow the pulse of your city. Each city is different. Rush hours, sports, entertainment and weather events are money makers. 2. Where: Pax Origination and Destination. Experience will be the determining factor here. Look for...
  8. Lord Summerisle

    Things Only Newbies Do

    On my first Uber ride I was so green (and I'm shaking my head in embarrassment even now), I actually went and knocked on the door to tell them that their Uber was here. But I did get to see a Russian girl in her underwear because of it. Anything you guys did at the beginning you wouldn't dream...