newbie help

  1. I


    Hello guys, Soo im new to this, here is the thing. Im about to buy a used car to drive for uber in NYC, im told it has to be 2006 or newer, thats fine, i want to know how is the business, how much am i looking to make if i work 12pm to like 10pm 6 days a week, how much is it to become a driver...
  2. RipLee

    Any Orlando UberEats Drivers here?

    I'm a newbie. Let's share ideas. Went on my first 2 jobs today after doing research in my area for a few days. I have all the good zones in miles logged so I know if there might be available parking. I can tell by how many miles from my home base exactly which restaurant it is receiving the...
  3. jeozerkz

    Hello I'm interested on joining Uber BUT i have a NEWBIE QUESTION. Please bear with me

    (Sorry for my english, It is my Second Language) So let's say i got accepted into Uber and preparing for my first ride. Picked up the first ride and, i would ask Driver: Where would you like to go? Passenger: On this Area please and they gave me the address ( or not giving the address ) So...