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  1. FarmerNeilthedeal

    Hi there! I'm new and asking for advise & wisdom from y'all

    Hi guys I'm planning on driving for the next month or so as I really.. need to add some extra income coming in, I'm not asking for anyone to giveaway free goldmine spots as you earn them, but with starting out here are a few things I would like to ask you on. For catching a ride to the airport...
  2. h-ales

    Steet-smart paxy VS street-smart Driver

    I believe real frustration for a streetsmart person is another streetsmart. But, What about a STREETSMART POOL PAXY? yes, You’ve got it. Unless I was a nwbi, I would have waited more than two minutes.
  3. J

    Advice wanted?

    After a drop off in Brickell, South Beach, Grove or Gables, am I better off parking and waiting or cruising around looking for a ping? Any advice would be welcome. Thanks
  4. RiskyBuilder

    Starting tonight!

    Hello uber people!! It's my first night starting uber driving and wanted to know when and where are good times to be in certain places. I won't be able to be in town till 5pm or so and figured that downtown around the river would be a good place to start. If anyone has any info about ubering...
  5. LordZenith

    Does Uber Delivery share the same account with Uber Ride Sharing?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here in Uber. I have a question as shown in the title. My friend was supposed to send me Uber Ride Sharing invitation. But he sent me Uber Delivery invitation by accident. I thought they share the same account. So I registered Uber Delivery first. Today my friend sent the...
  6. zarevna

    Where/ When?

    Started working a couple of weeks ago. Had great Fri/ Sat night $$$, around Buckhead and Midtown. Unfortunately, on the regular days I just have no idea where to go to at least get customers (sometimes I just drive around and wait for more than 30 mins...). Where would the masters recommend me...
  7. D

    Thinking of becoming a driver, but not sure if my car will hurt my chances

    I'm not too concerned about cleanliness, maintenance, and appearance both exterior and interior as those should exceed potential riders and uber's expectations with ease. However, my concern is that I recently bought a new vehicle for personal use (since I love traveling and being a father of...
  8. Greg Marce

    Uber / Lyft Strategies

    Newbie here. I have couple of quick strategy questions. I just drove for the first time in Ann Arbor last week. Is that even possible to make money driving non surges? Is anyone dong it? I realized after just 1 ride that it is not possible to make money driving non surges. Am I missing...
  9. indian

    Newbee Indian LondonBOY

    I have applied for my ph licence on 28/1/16 Could anyone tell me how long it would to arrive? I have different time frame from people, Some say 6 to 8 weeks, some say 12 weeks. I intend to buy a vauxhall insignia diesel they sell around £5000 with about 45000 mileage. And want to start...