1. MoneyMitch

    PAX Abandoned in Hood

    So I get a 4.99 rated pool PAX (45+ 1.7x) ping from the heart of Newark. Something seems off, yet I had a good feeling so I took the fare. Sure enough, I pick up a white girl in her early 20s and the trip is going to South Jersey (as opposed to other areas) Basically, another Uber driver...
  2. Clarity

    Newark Penn Station/Raymond Plaza :(

    I'm at the point where I am done picking up people in this area for a while. I noticed that the pickup location is often vague because there are multiple pickup/dropoff locations and they don't always match what the GPS tells me. I could always contact pax in advance to verify where they are but...
  3. Canteev

    Would you take this ride?

    I do Uber part time, so every long trip is a blessing, maybe except close to bar closing. Tonight, I accept a long trip request on Lyft. Given that Lyft lets the driver know the destination when "arrive" is selected, I determined that I would make my decision then. I would do any trip to the...
  4. R

    What am I doing it wrong? 12$ for an hour?

    I am at North Brunswick nj and started to lyft 2 weeks ago. There is no customer here so I had to go to close Newark like 45 minutes every day. There is only line request which just end up with 3.77 dolar. I have tried nj airport, Newark, jersey city and Manhattan. Never get so many request...
  5. BurgerTiime

    Newark cab companies file federal lawsuit over city's $10M Uber deal
  6. D

    Uber illegal in NJ? Just Newark only?

    I was talking with a police officer in Newark Intl Airport this morning. He told Uber is illegal in NJ. If I pick up passengers in his presence, he would give me a ticket. Is this right?
  7. tucstwo

    Questioning the Accuracy/Legitimacy of Surge...

    Here's why: This was a screenshot I took of an EWR Surge a couple of weeks ago. Now, I'm really not so concerned about the fact that the Northern side of the airport is at 1.6x and the southern part is at 1.4. It's plausible to me that one of the terminals is more busy than one of the others...
  8. T

    Cops on the prowl today at Newark Airport..

    Anyone else noticing how port authority is on the prowl today at EWR? Or is it just me... Really hate when people get in the way of my $$$ lol
  9. Xris Xros

    Ticketed at Newark Airport

    So I never go to the newark airport for pickups because I was afraid I might get a ticket. But that all changes few weeks ago when I started getting email from Uber about a deal struck with the city of newark. Anyways I got a ticket for (operating limo without proper registration) yesterday at...
  10. Ziggy

    Newark Mayor - Stands his ground

    > Newark - Facing an all-out campaign to stop the city from regulating Uber and other app-based livery services, Mayor Ras Baraka is launching a fight of his own. In a video posted to the city's...
  11. Vanstaal

    Uber says it will leave Newark if new regulations pass NEWARK – As a proposal to regulate Uber and other car-hailing services moves closer to becoming reality in Newark, the company says it is prepared to take its cars and go home. Ana Mahony, the...
  12. GloveMasterX

    Uber in Newark

    I am now just two weeks into my time with Uber. I am really enjoying it to be honest. I live in Newark, NJ and did not know that doing this would make me an outlaw until after I was already doing it. I still drive to Penn Station and Newark airport in spite of the threats; a protest of sorts. Is...
  13. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Proof that riders are fed up with Uber!

    At 5pm the busiest time of the day.there were no cars available in passaic,paterson and surrounding times.. all, of NJ had very little riders out there today. rides are tired of all the BS and are not driving for .85 in NJ. lol Let the customers pay now. We want $1.95 miles .45 per minutes and...
  14. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Stay out of Newark and Paterson!

    Too many shootings and robberies everyday in those two cities. This is no place to play, you will get robbed, stabbed or shot in these area's. just a warning to be safe and always be aware of your surroundings. these punks are desperate for drugs! don't stop your car in those area's and play...
  15. S

    Early AM ride to Newark airport

    I need to catch a ride between 3:45-4 AM this Sunday, the 29th from manhattan to the newark airport. Will there be drivers available around that time?
  16. M

    A challenge

  17. Maxvalponj

    I get a ticket drop of newark airport nj

    I get two tickets in newark airport terminal B. By a police man. The reason was: "operations limo service without proper registration" and the second ticket reason: "operations limo service without proper insurance" he told me that I must have TLC plates and a another insurance for work like a...
  18. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    why are there no pings at Newark Airport?

    sat at the airport for 30 minutes no pings?