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  1. Determined Driver

    Hello Drivers

    Hello everyone! As a new rideshare driver in the Boston area, doing both Uber and Lyft, it would be great to learn from fellow drivers. I am a student currently on summer break looking to save money for school and raise capital to start a business. My plan is to take a year off and raise as...
  2. SLCBassist

    Getting Started in SLC

    Hello, folks. How are ya? So I'm all signed up and everything, however I haven't begun to drive yet. Before I do that, I just have a few questions I hope you can answer: 1. What is the oldest allowable model year to drive with the most basic Uber service? I've heard 2000, 2002, and 2003. If...
  3. ChristopherHouston89

    Moving to a new city

    Hi Everybody, I am going to be moving temporally back to Orlando for 3 months or so to take care of my parents. While I am there I won't be working so I will be doing Uber/Lyft, Postmates, Instacart, etc on the side to make a few extra bucks. What I am wanting to know in regards to Uber (or...
  4. L

    Have you seen this for Lyft? Power Zone Percentages?

    Hi All, This was in PA. Have you seen that lyft added in the percentage like Uber? I haven't seen this in Los Angeles. Has anyone? It's an orangey salmon color. The shades of pink drive me nuts. I think this is more effective. Feedback?
  5. BurgerTiime

    Maven Gig, GM’s car-sharing service for Uber and Lyft drivers, comes to Austin

    https://www.theverge.com/2018/3/2/17069424/maven-gig-gm-car-sharing-uber-lyft-drivers-austin General Motors is bringing its car-sharing service Maven to the city of Austin, but just for freelance drivers for rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft, and on-demand delivery apps like Postmates, GrubHub...
  6. SEAMT

    Uber Focuses on Safety Improvements as it Battles to Regain its London License

    Article by Digital Trends, author Trevor Mogg Uber lost its operating license in London in September 2017 but can continue to operate ahead of an appeal in the spring. Regulator Transport for London (TfL) told Uber that it is “not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator license,” citing...
  7. BurgerTiime

    Uber's first new product in three years "UberExpressPool"

    https://www.theverge.com/2018/2/21/17020484/uber-express-pool-launch-cities UberPool has long occupied a weird place in the ride-hailing company’s lineup of services. Riders love it because its so cheap, but drivers hate it because of the stress of ferrying multiple passengers to a variety of...
  8. J

    Looking to start driving this year

    Hi, New here, looking to move to Orlando and start driving for Uber to help supplement my income sometime (hopefully) later this year. I've been reading both good and bad things about being an Uber driver in Orlando so I would like some clarification. What I hope to achieve is doing...
  9. S

    Uber says I already have a duplicate account / identity stolen?

    Has anyone heard of anything like this happening before? I went to apply for Uber for the very First time yesterday. My application got rejected immediately and after going through customer service chat, they said I already have an account under another e-mail address. An e-mail I've never...
  10. HizashiHakai

    Needing help

    so.. trying to do the Business License.... I think I messed up. They want me to pay $200 for it. Some one help?
  11. kc ub'ing!

    New drivers get preference!

    I've seen it questioned and pshawed in many threads so I'm posting this to proclaim it as fact! Noobs get preferential treatment and I'm sick of it! As an airport queue sucker and social butterfly, I can tell you Uber definitely favors new drivers. I constantly see cars and peeps I don't...
  12. Ahmed Nafis

    Attention (Help)

    what is better for me Making my 2016 Honda Accord as a TLC vehicle(uber) Or keep working as a yellow cab driver ..? (weekends only) In 20, a student, working part-time and I do have to think about the insurance of the car and maintainance too ..!
  13. M

    New to Uber - some questions

    Hi everyone, I am planning to join Uber just as a second job and need some advices. 1- I am planning to buy a new car anyway soon(Not just for Uber), do I need to register for Gst before buying the car so I can claim GST back? Do I need to record my car as a business or under my ABN to claim...
  14. BSB

    New to Hampton Roads...

    I recently moved to the area and wanted to know if it was worth it to continue driving here. I drove for a couple years in San Diego CA. the money was pretty solid there. I only drive part time and could normally clear 2-300 a night (4-5 hours) on a weekend and half that on a weekday of I chose...
  15. bobtheoilguy104

    I'm thinking of starting but worried about my car

    I have a ford fusion with leather seats but I'm worried that customers will damage my car. I feel like the amount I make will not be worth the repair costs and gas. Is this true or am I overly paranoid?
  16. N

    Moving to San Francisco Are. Looking for advice.

    Hey guys. I'll be making the move to the west bay area to split an apartment with my brother and his wife. I currently reside with my family in Alabama and am 21 years of age. Can any of you fill me in on the steps I need to take when I get out there so I can immediately start driving? Also how...
  17. ksoul

    Onboarding Status?

    I've had all of my documents approved and all say active, now my account says "onboarding" - does anyone know how long this takes to switch over to active?
  18. K

    Tips for new driver

    Hey, I just started driving for Lyft and Uber. Can anyone give me some tips to make more money? First day, I drove from 7:30 - 10 and only made about $35. Thanks!
  19. HappyCamprr

    Newbs & DD

    Hey Guys, So we're gonna get new threads from new people about pay like these below. 1. "How much can I make?" . 2. "How much do you make?". 3. "Can I average $x/hr?". 4. "Give me your spots for free :D" i.e. (Pay me your money that you learned to make with over few years of tests and trials...
  20. JDEUberguy

    Buying a car solely for Uber

    Has anyone ever bought a new car solely for Uber and earned enough to make the payment (and then some) working part time? I'm seriously considering this but not sure if it's a wise investment. I welcome any input.