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new zealand

  1. Uber Eats Scoot

    Motorcyclist in Dunedin, New Zealand

    Hi folks, I'm a motorcyclist doing Uber Eats in Dunedin (a student town, population 130k), since it started in May 2018 (our winter). I've gone from a starting average of NZ$18 per online hour to now about NZ$35 per online hour. But I seem to be the only motorcyclist here. There were a couple...
  2. Beepbeep41

    Round Table Meetings

    Who are these drivers giving Uber all the info for free?? Drivers if no one give Uber info Uber got to got out and get info! They go out and get info via rides... Don’t be so cheap drivers! Info given that creates features such as “airport rematch” & “wait time” is making Uber millions. Your...
  3. BurgerTiime

    New Zealand lays down the ban hammer!

    http://i.stuff.co.nz/business/93501775/crackdown-on-uber-drivers-sees-hundreds-of-bans-and-infringement-notices-issued Crackdown on Uber drivers sees hundreds of bans and infringement notices issued Christchurch Uber driver Jo Manson says many of her fellow Uber drivers don't have the correct...
  4. Modern-Day-Slavery

    I'm moving to New Zealand

    Not really.. but seriously, Kiwis are great Uber riders. After thousands of trips I've only had good experiences with them. They are so courteous, positive, friendly and uplifting - Everything you could want a rider to be. Even the cops in NZ on that tv show are super nice when they pull people...
  5. E

    Insurance confusion...

    Anybody out there got a clear handle on where NZ Uber drivers stand wrt their insurance cover? Are people/you just getting their own commercial/Business Insurance policies and sucking up the cost? Or are you following the rather scant advice in the Uber support framework and relying on the Uber...
  6. M

    Time outs, stand downs, not accepting long pings ect

    Has anyone noticed Uber making drivers unavailable after ignoring a single request, cancelling a ride or simply logging off then back on within a few minutes? There is also no notice you simply stop getting requests and your icon is not on the rider app.
  7. T

    Question about Free Rides

    Hi, sorry if this is a silly question or has been posted already (can't seem to find the thread). I shared my code so got a free ride, which says is a "free ride up to $25". Can anyone clarify whether this means that this code is only applicable if the fare is under $25, or if it means that I...