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  1. HiDuuken

    NYT - Passengers May Pay a Lot More. Drivers Won’t Accept Much Less Excerpt - That’s what always happens when there are no barriers to entry in a market. In 1848, for example, at the start of the California gold rush, the first miners made about $20 per day, on average. The...
  2. Jack Malarkey

    Uber bookings increasing First two paragraphs: SAN FRANCISCO — Uber has spent the past eight months reeling from a series of corporate scandals. Yet those have done little to deter...
  3. Maven

    Apply for a NYS Autonomous Vehicle Technology Demonstration / Testing Permit

    NYS has pulled the trigger and decided to actually do it, joining California, Nevada and Arizona. There was a lot of discussion back in May about this possibility. Last year, NYC began considering supporting infrastructure...
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  5. Retired Senior

    UBER - as seen in the NEW YORK TIMES and other N.E. USA newspapers

    Good Morning... (Good God! It is 5:AM Sunday... decades ago I would be going to sleep about now... These days I am just waking up and squinting at the PC while sucking down some "Wake Me Up" tea.) It has become obvious to me over the last 3 months that the UBER experience on the West Coast, as...