new years

  1. eyewall

    New Years: How did you do?

    New Years in Burlington is definitely not what it used to be. I never saw a 8-10x surge like in past years (unless I just missed it due to in ride pings). Highest I got was 5.9x which cancelled. As for the highest surge I did get, that was a 5.3x. I still managed $215 or so between 12:15am and...
  2. gmc

    Home for New Years

    First time I stayed home and it feels good no driving this year Last New Years was a disaster not enough paid out only made 500 over night compared to prior times I tripled that so I figure not this year it probably would even be lower kept my ass home with the family How about you guys...
  3. Viejas Jeff

    Viejas Uber Lounge NYE

    Hello UberPeople! My name is Jeff, and I am the Manager for Special Events and Promotions at Viejas Casino. I wanted to let all San Diego Uber drivers know about the upcoming NYE Gala taking place at Viejas Casino this year. We are going to be setting up an exclusive "Uber Lounge" only for...
  4. backyarddad


    Whos's doing it? Who did it? How well will it be? Will it be worth it?
  5. MikesUber

    New Years Eve 2016-2017

    Who's ready for New Years? Should be any day now we hear from Uber and Lyft about (possible) guarantees etc. I'm interested in seeing how high surge will go this year compared to last year especially with an increased number of drivers on the road. Poll Question: How high will surge go this...
  6. cleansafepolite

    3 days till superawsomest strike ever.

    3 days. no concrete plans. Havent seen a shred of media attention. I am a failure. I quit. I will just get a factory job or something. Driving taxi sucks too. Uber has destroyed all driving jobs. I love doing it. I cant knock uber too much they are paying my bills till i find something better..i...
  7. UberComic

    The Official New Year's Eve Is Gonna Suck Thread

    Lots of drivers are out there with active accounts and subprime car loans to pay off. I think this year's NYE is going to be worse than last year's surge less wait fest. Will Uber disable surge like last year? Will Lyft offer an unobtainable guarantee to all its drivers? If nobody orders a...