new years eve

  1. Madaket

    New Years Eve

    Last night was my first New Years Eve as a driver and , for the most part, I enjoyed it and made decent money. One thing that seemed strange though was the number of long pick up requests I received from Uber. Some as far as 20 minutes away. Did any of you get these as well?. I declined most of...
  2. johnydynamic

    NYE Slow So Far

    Its pretty slow out here. I’m even doing Pool rides to try and hit the 10:00 quest. First ride brought me from Livermore to SJ. Working here so I don’t waste time doing dead miles back. Will head back north at 10 to work on the 4am quest. Happy New Year.
  3. Coach Bob

    New Year's Eve

    It's been a long time since I've posted anything here. I periodically pop in and read, but don't post. I quit driving 7/1/2017 because of the law passed in FL. The risk/reward wasn't worth it, and the insurance, where available, was just too expensive relative to the income. That said, USAA has...
  4. Mr.UberUber


    We're all in different positions meaning some can afford to stop driving for Uber immediately while others can't afford to do so. As for me my Uber App is OFF as of yesterday until rates are corrected/reversed. Just because you can't stop driving today doesnt mean as a whole we can't send a...
  5. tdoes

    2018 - How did you do New Years Eve ?

    WTF! My third pick up for the night and I get a puker! Luckily she threw up on the outside of my door but it's too damn cold outside to clean it off! I hope you all lucked out better than I did!
  6. Jack Malarkey

    New Year’s Eve in Canberra

    The Visit Canberra website advises: Bid goodbye to the year that was and shout hello to 2018 at New Year’s Eve in the City! Welcome the new year in Civic Square with Art vs. Science headlining a free, all-ages concert, while feasting on the city’s best food trucks with a front-row seat to the...
  7. Viejas Jeff

    Viejas Uber Lounge NYE

    Hello UberPeople! My name is Jeff, and I am the Manager for Special Events and Promotions at Viejas Casino. I wanted to let all San Diego Uber drivers know about the upcoming NYE Gala taking place at Viejas Casino this year. We are going to be setting up an exclusive "Uber Lounge" only for...
  8. Numbn

    New Years Eve?

    Worth working NYE or too much hassle?
  9. QLDUberDriver

    New Year's Eve revellers warned about Uber price surge

    Im going to expect some riders to open the app prior to midnight to avoid surge. Also expect Ubers system to give you non surge jobs while your in the centre of surge areas. Tonight will be the last night all of us can earn what used to be normal to above normal earnings. Good luck to all...
  10. Caitiboo2986

    New Years Eve Las Vegas

    Hello everyone! Just in need of some advice, where are the pickup locations on the strip when we have ride requests? Also, hw did everyone do last year moneywise with driving on New Year's here? Thanks ahead of time! I have only been driving 2 months so still new to me, so any advice ill take:)
  11. QLDUberDriver

    Uber Brisbane New Years Eve (email exaggerations again)$$$

    Latest email from Uber regarding NYE earnings: "New Years eve is one of the busiest nights of the year! Last year we saw drivers earning over $100 an hour in gross fares, during peak times!" What they left out was that rates where 20% higher this time last year and the govt is this year...
  12. backyarddad


    Whos's doing it? Who did it? How well will it be? Will it be worth it?
  13. MikesUber

    New Years Eve 2016-2017

    Who's ready for New Years? Should be any day now we hear from Uber and Lyft about (possible) guarantees etc. I'm interested in seeing how high surge will go this year compared to last year especially with an increased number of drivers on the road. Poll Question: How high will surge go this...
  14. Mshad

    Pax cleaned up their own puke while wasted

    Hi, I'm new to posting but have been a avid reader for the past month or so. So last night (New years eve) I had 2 military passengers (Army) who requested a ride from Waikiki and wanted to go to Schofield barracks; which is roughly a 25 mile, 45 minute drive. I usually prefer the longer rides...
  15. Wyreless

    New Years Eve Report, How Did It Go For You?

    I for one was fairly pleased. From the time I got into the car, until I stopped driving , I was on a trip. I did $160 which is not going to make any records, but was certainly worth going out for. All of my trips were good paxs, had a group of teens that were a bit rowdy but nothing a few "C'mon...
  16. J

    What you expect on New years eve/New years eve day ?

    So i keep hearing that new years eve or new years eve day is the busiest day of the year. Can i get any other Uber drivers input on what you expect as far as surge and when it may start ? Also, i'm not sure when Uber started in Philly, so i don't know what happened last year if applicable ...
  17. L

    NYE 2016

    Are you working or staying home? I took Christmas week off to go out of town and need the cash so may work Lyft guarantees for a few hours. Less stress, better passengers, and can cash out at the end of the night. And before anyone ask I don't go out on NYE. A usual NYE for me includes church...
  18. West Wayne

    NYE Uber in SE Michigan

    I heard that Uber was nonstop surge during NYE and the money was great. After seeing how rider behavior keeps getting worse and worse during the drinking hours I'm starting to think the money isn't worth the craziness. I think I'm going to drive 6pm to midnight and then drive the "where did I...
  19. Mims Athome

    New Years Eve Boston First Night

    I am thinking (seriously) about driving on NYE in Boston. It's my hometown and I began thinking (over-thinking?) driving around town during First Night festivities. I simply searched and found these road closures posted for last year. I can't find anything for this year, but one year should not...