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  1. S

    Uber income research

    I like to make a research on how much does an Uber driver earn average daily. I have been driving for 3 months and I find uber is hard to sustain as a full time income but it is ok for a secondary income. I placed all my expenses and income into my spreadsheet, which conclude that it is indeed...
  2. J

    Just moved to Boston and thinking about joining Uber

    Hi guys, About me: So Im just moved to Boston and I love it. I have worked as a cab driver before and I liked it, I like talking to people and driving around. So I was hopping to start working for Uber here in Boston. What advise do you fellow Bostonian uber drivers have for me? Situation...
  3. vlady2003

    Questions about getting started in LV

    Once I obtain a car, get my NV plates and convert my license from New York State to Nevada state. What's next? Can anyone explain the fastest procedure for me to do so I can be on the road ASAP ? Any info or help will be much appreciated.
  4. vlady2003

    Moving to Las Vegas

    Hello everyone. I'm new here and I'm not an uber driver yet but I want to be. I live in Brooklyn New York and in January 2016 (month and a half) I'm moving to Las Vegas. Me and my wife decided that it's about time for a serious change in our life and that's why we moving. My plan is to get...
  5. S

    Omg New York new driver be alerted start driving with uber

    So far i have been driving with uber 1 week in new york (112 trip) most of them were short anyway before i used to drive with "uber t" its like in a day three or two trip. My rating was always up than 4.80 when i leave driving with yellow cab and start driving with "uber x" first three days was...