new rider

  1. Zigg

    New to Uber - Scheduled rides

    Hi all, I have never used Uber or Lyft and am trying to do a scheduled ride to Orlando Airport for Monday morning. However for the life of me I can't get it to work, does scheduling not work in the Orlando area, or am I just too far away? I'm stressing out about this greatly, so I would...
  2. C

    Tips for new rider? And what is driver premium?

    Hi! This morning I finally got approved to drive for uber. Any tips? Thinking of starting NYE, and maybe take a first ride in the south suburbs this evening to get a feel. Also, what's driver premium? Says that in my background check... thanks!
  3. Driving and Driven

    ValPak in Dallas - Free Uber Rides for New Users

    I got opened my mail today to find a ValPak coupon for new Uber riders. Use the code 20DALLAS at to get a free first ride valued at up to $20 Finally, a campaign to get more riders instead of drivers. Go, Uber, GO!