new ride share start up

  1. Driver Firoz

    Have u heard of these new ridesharing companies? They pay much more!

    Has anyone heard of these new ridesharing companies? I'm seeing some new rideshare companies like Tryp in Las Vegas come up. They apparently pay 95-100 percent of the ride fare! Does anyone know if they are coming to the midwest? I'd love to earn an extra buck after this pandemic :cryin::cryin...
  2. Raj2309

    Driving for a new ride share

    Dear friends, Like many I too drove in the past for Uber and Lyft but many driver brothers and sister share the pain of monopoly and wrong treatment. I wish to know from someone out there, who feel if a new entrant in the market will be able to break the ride-share market? Will people ride...
  3. M

    If this company can get it together....sign me up!